Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette, The Pink Sands Edition (Review)

Does anyone know why this review is only just going live here on Jellybluesblog?! because I know I don’t. I’ve kept these thoughts  and opinions close to my chest for far too long, and definitely longer than I should have… so please excuse the fact that this palette has been sat in my makeup storage since it practically came out… in fact, I purchased this on Cult Beauty a few minutes after it was first released in the UK. (That’s how long I’ve owned it). It’s shameful, to say the least.

Anywhoo, it’s here. My review of ‘The Pink Sands Edition, Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette’.

 Over on Cult Beauty, this palette is said to hold three pearlescent powders and one creamy, ‘melted strobe’ hue. The highlighters are said to melt into the skin, leaving the complexion with either a lovely radiant glow or an intense and dramatic highlight, which can appear practically three-dimensional too. The Pink Sands Edition is described as being ideal for fair/medium skin tones, whilst ‘Golden Sands’ is better suited to a medium/deeper complexion in Huda Beauty’s opinion.

First off, the packaging. Does Huda Beauty ever get it wrong? Her packaging always appears elegant but workable, and sophisticated but also slightly seductive. I would also have to say that the holographic touch on the front design of this palette is genius… as Huda’s highlighter and foiled eyeshadow in the picture literally catches the light, just like you would yourself in person.

Inside, there are four generously sized highlighter pans, that each glisten instantly as you open the lid.

The Shades

Capri is clearly the cream highlight in this palette – although I would definitely recommend swirling your finger in the pan briefly, to begin with, as mine seemed to have an to almost powdered film on top. Once the film had lifted, however, this is a really lovely cream highlight. It has a very soft, lightweight texture which literally and quite rightly melts into the skin. I also love to wear this shade in particular all-over my eye lids as an eyeshadow, as it looks very flattering in my opinion.

One thing I will say about Capri that differs from the other shades, is that Capri cannot be applied over the top of powder, whether that be foundation powder or setting powder. I have tried this myself, which is why I know it doesn’t work. This cream highlight just separates over the top of powder, which also results in the makeup underneath splitting and separating.

Santorini – This is without a doubt my favourite shade included in this highlighter palette, as it really suits a paler complexion in my opinion. The shade is one that I would personally describe as being an almost white although it definitely reflects a warm champagne colour too. Like the rest of the shades included in this palette, this can be really built up for extreme intensity – if of course desired.

Azores – This is the shade that I confidently turn to when I’m a little more tanned, as it certainly looks nicer on a slightly more olive toned complexion in my opinion. The shade itself is one that I would describe as being an almost yellow gold, although I would also say that it has white reflects at times, and in different lighting.

Ibiza – Isn’t a shade that I use all that often I must admit, as a yellow undertone complexion like mine isn’t the easiest to match with an intense pink highlight. Although this is a lovely shade to use on the eyes once again… and I love to use this all-over my lids because it adds colour, shimmer and a gorgeous vibrant glow!

Top – Bottom:
Capri • Santorini •  Azores • Ibiza

With regards to the recommended ‘how to use’ instructions (on the inside lid of this palette), I wouldn’t say that they are entirely necessary in my opinion. Although they could be handy to someone who is a little more of an amateur, who knows!
I have tried and followed the instructions displayed, and let’s just say that I didn’t like the end result on me personally. I felt far too glowy and highlighted – like there’s highlight and then there’s a walking disco ball!… I felt like I’d just taken part in one of those ‘full faces of highlighter’ challenges like you see on YouTube and I was not liking it one bit.

For me, it’s a touch of one highlighter, in pacific places on the face, and matte products for everywhere else!

Overall, I would have to tell you that I am a true fan of this palette, and would definitely recommend it to a friend.

The three highlighter powders inside this palette are unbelievable in my opinion. Even though they are described as having a powder formula, they are each very creamy and rather buttery too. In fact, all four of these highlighters share a very similar trait as far as their formula is concerned. Although, Capri is definitely a little more cream based than the other three. They are all extremely pigmented, which is a high and mighty positive as far as I’m aware.

One thing I will say, however, is that if your more of a ‘natural’ makeup kinda gal.. then this isn’t going to be for you at all or in any way.

I love to use this palette on those more special occasions types of days.
When I like to make the extra effort with my eye makeup OR you know what, if I just want to have a strong highlight!

What do you think of this palette,
would you buy it for yourself?!

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Love, Jess


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  1. 21/07/2017 / 19:13

    This palette looks lovely! I’ve never used a pink highlighter, so would definitely be using that on my eyes too, but the other shades look gorgeous!

    Sarah x


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