Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box – July 2017

Cue one of my favourite times of the month…

Inside the box

July’s Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box holds four full-size products, that together combine to a total value and worth of £99.49. The products included in the July box are; a UTan & Tone Coconut Tanning Water (100ml), a Dior Diorific Mat Lipstick in the shade, 540 Magique, a bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Prep Gel (30ml) and lastly, a gorgeous TooFaced Love Flush Blush in the shade, Funfetti.

bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Prep Gel 30ml
£22.00 RRP

I always like receiving a new primer in a monthly beauty subscription box – especially if I know that I’ve never had the opportunity to try it before. This primer (or base gel) by bareMinerals claims to glide onto the skin effortlessly, and leave the complexion with an invisible matte finish. It is described to be formulated with Aspen Bark, Tea Tree Oil and Peptide Complex, which all supposedly help to provide you with a clearer looking and healthier complexion overall.

However, there is one negative with this product that I have to mention, as I am slightly concerned about this.
The bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Prep Gel is said to feature an oil-absorbing mineral, which may or may not be a good thing for a drier skin type (like mine)… as we don’t necessarily produce excess oil, so what exactly would this mineral do to our skin type in particular? Would it dry our skin out even further?! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Dior Diorific Mat Lipstick, in the shade: 540 Magique
£29.50 RRP

Straight of the way, I knew what this product was… as I’ve been eyeing up these lipsticks by Dior for a very long time before now.

Although, why did it have to be a red lipstick because I hardly ever wear red a lip?!… and would, therefore, have much prepared a more wearable nude shade of lipstick if I’m being entirely honest… but there you go, you can’t have everything, can you, and I definitely shouldn’t be ungrateful when it comes to receiving a Dior makeup product!

I have, however, tried this lipstick out already, and the formula is very nice in my opinion. The lipstick itself glides onto the lips very easily as far as I understand, as it has a very creamy but lightweight formula which is also very nicely pigmented too.

TooFaced Love Flush Blush, in the shade: Funfetti
£30 RRP

Moving on to the product that honestly made me very excited indeed, when I first saw it!

For such a long time, these cute little heart shaped blushes by TooFaced have been tugging at my heart strings… although I could definitely never quite justify spending £30 on such a small, unnecessary product if you know what I mean – which is why, I, therefore, never bought one in the past or at the time. I am however very excited to have one at last, and in the prettiest shade too. SO thank you Look Incredible, you have made me a very happy girlie indeed!

UTan & Tone Coconut Tanning Water (100ml)
£17.99 RRP

Last but certainly not least, you’ll find a facial tanning mist in July’s box.
This product is described to give the face a sunkissed glow in around 4-6 hours of wear. It is lightweight and buildable, which is definitely a positive in my opinion, as it means that you have total control over your tan and skin tone appearance. It is also said to be infused with real coconut extracts and vitamins, which are going to be good for skin as well at the end of the day. In all, I am definitely looking forward to trying this product out, as it could definitely be a handy product to have in one’s skin care and tanning collection.

Overall, I would have to tell you that this isn’t one of my most favourite Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Boxes to have come through the post, but then there’s been some flipping amazing boxes in the past, and ones that definitely put up a challenge in beating! I am very happy with July’s box, however, and am certainly not complaining about what I’ve received.

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What are your thoughts on this months Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box?!

Love, Jess


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