*NEW Givenchy Volumising and Care Eyelash Primer (Review)

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The NEW Givenchy ‘Base Mascara Perfecto’ Volumising and Care Eyelash Primer

A few weeks ago, whilst in Debenhams, I visited the Givenchy beauty counter.

My pure and honest intentions for visiting the Givenchy counter that day were not to buy this product I must admit, but instead, they were to purchase the also new; Givenchy Lash Extension Effect Mascara – which I also just so happened to pick up too. I had seen the Base Mascara Perfecto online prior to my visit, however, a lash primer at the time didn’t seem like an essential product for me to invest my money into… especially as it’s a £25.00 product as well. Although, the sales technique of the Givenchy male makeup artist converted my way of thinking, as I seemed to be standing at the till purchasing not one BUT two eyelash products…

First and foremost, the packaging.
The gorgeous baby pink packaging of this eyelash primer makes my heart tingle every time I see it – in every possible good way too because let’s face it, it’s pink… both on the inside and out.

You heard me correctly, the formula of this product is also baby pink! Which is very cool indeed, isn’t it?! and certainly unexpected too. I was also completely unaware of the fact that this has a pink formula at the time of purchase… which I know isn’t that much of a big deal and ultimately it wasn’t the main reason as to why I purchased this product in the first place. Although, I must say that I am over the moon with this design element, as I think it adds something rather unique and really quite special to the use of this product, particularly in the mornings when the day is still ahead of you and intentions and expectations are still high.

Overall, the packaging of this eyelash primer by Givenchy is sophisticated, classy and rather up market – which is completely necessary and something that I would consider as an essential for a luxurious piece of designer makeup.

Givenchy Lash Extension Effect Mascara – Review

As I’ve said, the Givenchy makeup artist in Debenhams that I was talking to, at the time, totally sold this product to me because I definitely never had any intentions of buying this mascara base prior. He told me that this new volumising product has been designed by Givenchy to both condition and care for the lashes, whilst also priming and preparing them for mascara too.

Included in the formula of this volumising product there are two types of fibres…

“Black fibres of the dual-coloured brush, separate and coat the lashes whilst the white fibres allow a smooth and delicate application. The ‘never-seen before’ smooth pink formula is enriched with natural ingredients, including Cotton Nectar and Soy Proteins, which supposedly nourish and protect lashes before mascara application”.

My Thoughts

In all, I must tell you that I have honestly, really been enjoying using this mascara base as part of my everyday makeup routine because it’s easy to use as well as effective in my opinion. The light pink formula, that this has, also conceals beautifully – which is something that I certainly never expected to tell you the truth. With so many different branded lash primers, a white (or light) formula can be very tricky to conceal or cover up, and even if you manage it, a black mascara just doesn’t seem black enough. Although this light pink formula covers and conceals easily, with any black pigmented mascara as far as I am aware.

My main and specific reasons as to why I love this product so much are purely down to the fact that it offers two uses in one…

Firstly, it’s a lash conditioner and secondly, it’s a volumising lash primer for mascara.

Having a product that has been specifically designed to treat and condition natural lashes is something that I’ve personally been waiting for, for a very long time. As usually conditioning, lash caring products carry with them a hefty price tag and a lot of rules and conditions as to when you can and can’t use them BUT with this, you simply coat and apply some onto your natural, un-touched lashes and add mascara… what could be easier?!

Ending this review with one final question… ‘does this product actually work’?!
You know, I couldn’t actually say for sure truth be told because, to be honest, I haven’t been using this product long enough to really give it a fair chance. All I can tell you is that my lashes currently appear healthy, they are long and actually, now you come to mention it, I haven’t noticed as much shedding as perhaps ‘normal’. I would, however, like to come back to this within this review, and add in a section of my thoughts on this products – maybe in around six months time?

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What are your thoughts on this 2 in 1 eyelash product by Givenchy?!
Please let me know in the comments below.

Love, Jess

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