*Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

*This post is in collaboration with FrezyDerm.

Can I begin with telling you a little story?! Okay, so I was actually very kindly sent this product during those absolutely scorching days here in the UK. And let me tell you, receiving an email regarding a product that would help protect my skin during the hot weather that we were experiencing at the time brought with it a huge relief, as I certainly wasn’t applying any sort of facial sunscreen before my makeup in the mornings AND yes that rather stupid of me, wasn’t it!

The History of FrezyDerm

FrezyDerm is a Greek brand that were first established in 1986! They proudly specialise in day-to-day skincare, eczema treatment, sensitive and red skin, as well as acne, oral health, psoriasis, baby and child care and lastly sun protection. Their main objective is to deliver safe but effective, dermatologically tested products that are very much up-to-date and of the highest quality. Also, I think you’ll be rather pleased to know, that their products are not tested on animals! FrezyDerm choose to test their products prior on volunteers from accredited clinical labs, and not on animals – which makes me very happy indeed!

This is the Velvet Facial Sun Screen by FrezyDerm.

Winning bronze in the ‘Sales Excellence’ awards in 2014 – in the Innovative Product/ Service category, FrezyDerm claim that this facial sun screen will soften the appearance of wrinkles, whilst also being water resistant and allowing your skin to really breathe. It’s transparent gel like formula gives an almost velvet texture to the skin, whilst also being matte in finish (for up to 6 hours). It will supposedly absorb excess oil and sebum, and it won’t leave your skin with any white tint – which is a common look with normal sun screens I must say. The formula is also described as having a non-oily texture, which may or may not be a good thing for my dry skin – we’ll see.

The point of this facial sun screen though, is of course that it is going to protect your skin from the harsh UV levels in the sun. It will prevent signs of photo-ageing supposedly, whilst also protecting your skin against discolouration, which is commonly caused by exposure to the sun. With it’s non-oily texture and no white tint, this sunscreen’s main selling point is that it can be worn underneath makeup – as a sort of primer I guess. Although, there would be nothing wrong in wearing this alone on your natural, makeup-free skin!

My Thoughts

Before the UK weather turned back to something a little more common and recognisable, there were a few lovely days left where I was actually able to test this product out for myslef. Although, sun screen isn’t technically just for summer – as I’ve heard your suppose to wear it each and everyday, even throughout winter?! Who knew.

SO, what can I tell you about this sun screen?!
Well the packaging is very nice indeed and actually so lightweight?! Which is odd because it definitely doesn’t look it from appearance. The packaging of this product is pretty classy and sophisticated too in my opinion, and it definitely wouldn’t look out of place in one of those fancy skincare labs.
The formula itself feels so lovely because HONESTLY this does not feel like your standard sun screen at all. It just feels like your applying a fancy piece of skincare to your face before actually putting on your makeup! I am so impressed. The gel-like formula itself is so lightweight also, as it literally melts into the skin within seconds. There isn’t any scent to it either which is surprisingly nice, and I say surprisingly just because I usually love a good sweet smelling scent!

Whether or not this product actually works is of course a different story, and one that unfortunately I could never answer – as I definitely don’t have access to any of those fancy scientific machines or computers – and they would show you if this product actually protects your skin from exposure to the sun or not.

With that in mind, dare I say that we’ll have to just trust the experts with our sun protection.
Although I can confirm that this is a really nice product to use before moisturiser, before primer and of course before your choice of makeup. As this sunscreen does not make the slight bit of difference to the appearance of my makeup in-particular which is very good indeed. Another thing to mention is that this product doesn’t seem to flashback either, which is a positive as far as pictures and selfies go, isn’t it.

Overall, I would have to tell you that I really like this product.
Sunscreens aren’t a product that I would usually take to much notice off – mainly because they can be such a hassle to apply and a real inconvenience when it comes to getting ready. Usually because you have to apply the sunscreen, make sure that it’s all rubbed in (especially if you have one of those white cream sorts) and then wait for it to dry BUT with this you literally take a few pumps, rub it around your face and straight of the way your done with your sun protection! Plus sun screen is such an important product to use, and one that’s so underrated. For the price of £16.99, I wouldn’t personally say that the price is to bad either, when you consider how expensive sun protection products are these days anyway.

What are your thoughts on this product, have you heard of FrezyDerm before?!

Love, Jess

For a little more protection FrezyDerm also have this exact same product available with SPF 50.


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