The NEW Lancome Monsieur BIG Mascara (Review)

Let me first introduce you all to a brand NEW Lancome product…
The Monsieur BiG Mascara.

Lancome say that WITH the help of this mascara you could create the lashes of your dreams!

Why is this mascara SO special?!
WELL, it claims to give twelve times more volume with no clumps, complete with a flake free and smudge resistant formula. They say that no touch ups are needed, which has to be a good thing right? Although, does anyone actually touch up there mascara throughout a normal day? because I know I definitely couldn’t. The application process of this product is also suppose to be heavenly, as Lancome state that this mascara’s brush will provide ‘a big impact in the first stroke’. Ultimately ‘leaving you with thicker looking eyelashes like never before’.

It also states, that with the use of this mascara your lashes will result in looking richer, deeper and darker – all thanks to it’s dark pigmented formula. It is suitable for sensitive eyes – which is great for me, as well as for those of you who need to wear contact lenses. In all you can’t deny it this sound like a great mascara, as it’s also theoretically suited to the majority of people also.

Fear not… I have put this mascara and Lancome’s description to the test.
As I have been wearing this mascara on and off since first purchasing it a few weeks ago!

My Thoughts

Shall we begin with this mascara’s packaging?!
Okie dokie.
So I actually really like the packaging of this product. It feels slightly luxurious – which is definitely expectable because by no means is this a cheap mascara of any sort. The tube is sturdy, hardy and also rather pretty too, as there’s a gorgeous metallic pink design situated on the front and then Lancome’s iconic logo engraved on the top of the lid. This mascara in-particular sits lovely within my makeup collection and amongst all of my other opened mascara’s, as it certainly wouldn’t look out of place next to some higher-end products, by brands like Tom Ford either.

As far as my thoughts on the mascara itself go… I would have to tell you that they follow a very similar suit, because I like this mascara but I’m not overly obsessed with it.

I guess the fairly large brush that the Lancome Monsieur BiG Mascara has, does allow you to really coat your lashes well – although you still definitely have to be careful with how close to the lash line you position the brush head itself – because if your anything like me, then you will definitely catch your eyelid and leave splodges of mascara everywhere, which has to be one of the most frustrating things ever. Especially when it’s gone all over your recently finished eyeshadow! Although, I feel like it’s important to point out that I still really like this product. Sure, catching your lid with mascara can be annoying but it isn’t the end of the world! It only takes a clean and slightly damp cotton bud to clean it up and sort the mistake out. So please don’t let this put you off by any means.

Otherwise, I HAVE to say that this is a nice mascara to wear. My lashes look lengthier, they look bigger and bolder and just a lot more fluttery overall when I decide to wear this one in-particular. It’s comfortable and it doesn’t irritate my eyes or make them water – AND this is coming from a girl who actually has sensitive eyes. To prove my point, I even have to be careful with the eyeliner I wear because wearing the wrong brand can seriously effect my eyes, and make them very sore indeed. I wouldn’t personally say that this mascara flakes either, although I’ve never really been one to suffer with that for some reason. Which is strange because for someone who has runny, watery eyes you would expect that to be something that I have a lot of trouble with but I really don’t… thank goodness.

Moving onto a few negatives…
which I definitely don’t want to say if I’m honest.

I don’t know what it is about this mascara in-particular but I really just want to love it. I really just want to sit here and type out that I absolutely love everything about it etc. and that you need to buy one right now. There’s just a few things stopping me from doing that, and because of this I can’t help but be a little bit disappointed…

As you apply this mascara it looks beautiful in my opinion, as my lashes personally look long and powerful and just really good! After a few minutes though they seem to droop, as the formula sets, my lashes look a little less joyful and a little more ‘standard’.
The formula also dries practically instantly, which is odd because this doesn’t necessarily have a dry formula of any sort.

Also, Lancome say that ‘no touch ups are needed’ right – well, I can’t help but think that in this instance they couldn’t be more accurate.. because I know that I’m physically not able to apply anymore layers or product onto my lashes after this has semi-dried. Literally my lashes they have set, dried and more or less anchored! To the point of them appearing a little crispy too, which I can’t say that I’m a massive fan of either. I should also say that this mascara isn’t clump free. At the end of the day a mascara has a formula that sticks, grabs and holds onto your natural lash hairs with sometimes the use of extra added fibres too. It isn’t magical, and it isn’t going to give you the look of lashes if you don’t have them. Just insinuate the look of your lashes to lengthier ones that are a little thicker and volumised overall, therefore how could a mascara possibly be completely clump free? Although, I will say that this isn’t an overly clumpy mascara or anything along those lines… which is a positive by all means.

To sum up my thoughts on the Lancome Monsieur BiG mascara, I would have to say that I like it.
I enjoy wearing this mascara on a day-to-day basis, as I like having lengthier looking, darker lashes with a little bit of volume. Although I could never describe this mascara as the ultimate volumising product.. because to be perfectly honest it’s not in my opinion. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a nice product though! If your someone who likes a good, almost dramatic pair of natural lashes on a regular, day-to-day basis then this by all means could be a new mascara for you!

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What do you think of this mascara, do you like the sound of it too?!

Love, Jess


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