(NEW IN) NARS Bord De Plage Highlighting and Bronzing Palette (Review)

Introducing Bord De Plage.

A Highlighting and Bronzing Palette by NARS Cosmetics.


Having never owned a NARS bronzer or highlighter before made me very intrigued to find out more about this relatively new to the market palette.

Inside there are four beautiful highlighters and two stunning bronzers, including the legendary NARS bronzer shade that is Laguna. When I first saw this palette advertised across social media, I must say that I was in two minds whether to purchase it or not, as it is an expensive product at £45.00. Even if it is by one of my favourite brands, which is NARS. Although, after a lot of consideration, I decided to just ‘go for it’ and buy one. As by buying one for myself, I would finally get to see what all the fuss was about when it comes to NAR’s bronzers but also discover a completely different and new to me, highlighter formula… which just excites me immensely.

To write a review but not mention the product’s packaging itself is an outrage as far as I am aware. So let me begin by saying that this product, in particular, has a very unique style and design in my personal opinion.

The exterior is tough, rigid and rather masculine as far as I can see, which maybe a little unusual when it comes to the design of makeup, as pink and glittery makeup seems to sell better?! Although, the colours of brown, bronze and black seem to work well for this palette, as it definitely enables the powders inside to really stand out and shine. There is also a large, clear mirror which is situated on the inside lid of the palette itself, which I know will make a lot of people very happy indeed – as mirrors in palettes can either be seen an essential or a complete and utter waste of space, depending on the individual of course.

The Highlighters

Each highlighter within the NARS Bord De Plage palette is stunning in its own right! Even though the subtle, light cream shade that is Rivage is my preferred favourite out of the four available. I like to use Rivage everywhere! From down the centre of my nose to an inner corner highlight, just because I think it appears beautiful on a pale complexion! There is, however, a good variety of highlighting shades within this palette – even IF they each strangely appear very similar to one another, I believe that this is an incredibly versatile palette, that works effectively with a number of different skin tones and makeup looks.

The highlighters themselves also share a very common interest or factor.
With that factor being their buttery, soft and light as air texture.

It’s true. Each one of these highlighters applies onto the complexion effortlessly. It’s truly remarkable how comfortable these not only feel on the skin but also how naturally glowy your skin appears afterwards too. By the ever so slight sparkle which has been added into the formula of each one of these highlighters, you can very easily dress your highlighter up by layering and building up the intensity. If that some how fails you – although I can’t see that happening. You can confidently use a dampened brush to apply your highlight if you like. I’ve followed this technique on two occasions and really liked the result and finish. Although, a dry brush is my preferred application method I must admit as I much prefer the more natural, glowy finish.

Applied Dry –
L-R: Rivage • Crique • Corniche • Galet

Applied onto damp skin –
L-R: Rivage • Crique • Corniche • Galet

The Bronzers

What can I say? I’m converted. Who’d of thought it aye?!
It just goes to show how similar we all are, as so many beauty enthusiasts and influencers online rave about this product, and have been for at least the past two years or how ever long Jellybluesblog has been up and running anyway.

Applied Dry –
L-R: Laguna • Casino

Each bronzer within the Bord De Plage palette has a gorgeous formula. In fact, every single powder within this palette has a beautiful formula, so I don’t really know why I’m so surprised to tell you the truth. The Laguna Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer is perfect for a pale complexion as far as I understand, and for someone who just wants to add a soft but subtle touch of warmth and definition to their complexion. It isn’t hugely pigmented I shall say but this is something that I actually prefer, as you don’t always want a shockingly pigmented bronzer that you have to apply with a gentle hand, do you?!

Overall, I could only sit here and write that I am totally in love with this versatile palette! Because it gives me four beautiful highlighters, that are each very wearable indeed and two gorgeous bronzers that each also just so happen to have a lovely formula too.

Is it expensive, yes. Is it worth £45, perhaps. Do I regret purchasing it, absolutely… not.

What are your thoughts on this palette?!

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Love, Jess

Open internationally • Ends: 31/08/17


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