(NEW IN) The RealTechniques PowderBleu Collection, B01 & B02 Soft Powder Brushes (Review)

Introducing two brushes from the brand new Real Techniques PowderBleu Collection;
B01 The Soft Powder Brush and B02 The Soft Finishing Brush.


  Scrolling through Instagram on a daily if not hourly basis can be a very dangerous job to have or hobby to enjoy because you just don’t know when the next ‘must-have purchase’ is going to spring upon you, do you? Quite a while ago now, I was innocently scrolling through my timeline on Instagram, catching up on friends posts and seeing what new blog posts and reviews had recently been published by those who I follow… BUT THEN, I stumbled across something rather fascinating although particularly ruining financially too… the latest Real Techniques collection.

The brushes within the new PowderBleu Collection are practically identical physically, in terms of size and shape to the Bold Metals Collection in my opinion – which was first released back in 2011 so I believe. With still being quite the fan of the Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques, I was very intrigued by the look of the new PowderBleu Collection, as these brushes are supposedly softer than any other Real Techniques brush too?!

Although, the Pixi Woo YouTube channel went and sealed the sweet deal for me – when I saw Nic using a few of these brushes in an ‘Everyday Makeup Look’ vid, and totally fell in love with them.

And that was it, I was sold.

The brand new PowderBleu brushes by Real Techniques have been pacifically designed for the application of a powdered product. Hence why they are SO incredibly soft. They are created and made with blue squirrel hair… ALTHOUGH fear NOT as no squirrels have been OR are harmed in the making of these brushes, as it’s all totally synthetic! The FauxBleu Technology (i.e. the mimic squirrel hair) has been created to purposely layer powders evenly onto the complexion with a soft, ultra blended and flawless finish BUT why have Sam & Nic used mimic squirrel hair I hear you ask?!, well I can definitely answer that one because I thought this myself too when I first read about it on the packaging. SO, blue squirrel hair is one of the rarest and softest bristles used in prestige makeup brushes. It is known for its fine filaments, luxurious softness and flawless powder application, therefore Real Techniques wanted to recreate an animal-friendly version of this for this specific collection, as softness and powder application is key.

Plus, a synthetic version is definitely more budget friendly!

*Don’t you just love it when your camera picks up a whole lot of dust… which is totally not supposed to be in the picture!*

    What can I say? These synthetic brushes are blooming insanely soft! In fact, these are without a doubt the softest feeling makeup brushes that I own. They are incredible. If you truly think a synthetic makeup brush is softer than one of these THEN please let me know in the comments below, as I would love to hear about it.

What I don’t understand, however, is if Real Techniques can create a lower budget friendly, mimic version of Squirrel hair that feels incredibly comfortable, is a very good quality and is ultra soft, why can’t these prestige makeup brush companies do the same… why do they have to use ACTUAL squirrel hair… and why can’t they just create an extremely top quality synthetic version instead?!

Bristles aside though, what’s not to love about the PowderBleu collection.

These brushes are divine!

I personally love the blue to black OR black to blue ombre look that’s going on within the packaging of these brushes because it’s sophisticated, contemporary but also slightly sultry and seductive… which I just think really works for a slightly upper class looking makeup brush which is literally from a drugstore friendly brand.

As quite dramatically outlined already, I can tell you and confirm that these brushes are indeed very, very soft. They each apply and disperse powdered products like loose setting powders, pressed powders, bronzers, highlighters etc. beautifully on the skin. I can confidently rely on each one of these brushes for the application of my (powder) makeup, and will, in fact, be using these to apply my makeup on the day that I am going to be a bridesmaid, as I know that each brush applies powder better than any other brush that I currently own.

Taking the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette as an example here, the B02 brush from the PowderBleu Collection is ideal for applying a heavily pigmented buttery powder like this palette has, as it honestly blends the product into the complexion precisely but also instantly too, cancelling the first shock of harsh lines and extreme shadows! I adore using the B02 brush for applying a much more subtle bronzer as well, as it is able to lightly disperse but blend the soft powder into the complexion seamlessly. B01 is my favourite brush for dusting off any excess powder from the under eyes and lightly setting the rest of my face with a light foundation pressed powder, as I know that this brush will not disturb any of my other makeup, like the still tacky foundation that I have literally just put on.

I honestly couldn’t recommend this collection more…
And would love to one day own the complete collection of the PowderBleu brushes by Real Techniques.

What are your thoughts on the PowderBleu Collection Powder Brushes?!

Love, Jess

Open internationally • Ends: 31/08/17



  1. Tigerlily
    27/03/2019 / 05:49

    I bought these PowderBleu brushes from all the reviews as I thought they would be be somewhat a good synthetic version to my Suqqu & Chikuhodo Blue squirrel brushes… These feel nothing like blue squirrel! They are neither as soft nor do they apply powder products in the same flawless way that blue squirrel hair does 🙁 These are like most synthetic brushes (possible a touch softer than the other brushes in the RT range) but definitely do not fulfill the claims and in no way similar the blue squirrel hair. These synthetic fibers have far too much resistance compared to natural squirrel hair and make application more uneven. I wanted to like these but honestly the price does not justify the claim – Obviously my blue squirrel brushes are far more expensive, but there is a significant difference in softness and ease of application (it is barely felt on the skin but applies colour flawlessly & evenly, and truly effortlessly – it’s difficult to make mistakes with squirrel hair IMHO cos the application is not harsh, it’s subtle and easily built up.
    If you are only into synthetic brushes then just know that these are ok…I have better synthetic brushes in my collection, some cheaper and some a bit more expensive.

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