Dolly’s Wild Side Eyeshadow Palette by Buxom Cosmetics (Review)

After discovering Buxom Cosmetics in Debenhams a short time ago, I have been desperate to try an eyeshadow or two out for myself! Over the last few months, I have heard some pretty amazing things about Buxom’s eyeshadows in-particular, which is why I wanted to invest my money into a nice compact palette, rather than the odd single shadow here and there. At first sight, I have to tell you that this palette caught my attention straight of the way. From the colours on the outside to the shades on the inside, I instantly fell in love with the look of Dolly’s Wild Side!

The Palette

The Dolly’s Wild Side palette is home to six stunning mauve themed shades, which are each described by Buxom to have an ultra-luxe, primer infused, powder-silk formula. The primer infused technology ultimately ensures that these shadows will keep their colour once applied but also glide onto the lids effortlessly too.

Another thing, definitely worth noting is that this palette is reusable – even once you’ve well and truly hit pan! The shadows themselves can be popped in and out – via a simple little slide out drawer – and can be replaced, swapped or changed whenever takes your fancy, for a reasonable price of £8.00 each.

The Packaging

To sit here and say that the packaging of this eye palette doesn’t make me smile would be a damn right lie because it certainly does! I love how graphic, bold but beautiful Buxom products are, as this one certainly fits in well with other Buxom products, whilst still looking slightly unique and different to any other palette that I own. I am a huge fan of the mauve’y styled cheetah print also that’s going on on the front, as I think it’s contemporary, it’s stylish but yet so appropriate for this palette in-particular!

(One layer swatches) –
L-R: Silk Sheets • Champagne Buzz • Lingerie Lover • Mink Magnet • Spoiled Sexy • Wild Nights

My Thoughts

Overall, I must tell you that I am so incredibly happy with this purchase, and do not regret spending my money on this palette in the slightest!

The mauve themed shade range is absolutely stunning in my opinion, as they each compliment one another beautifully too. The shadows themselves blend incredibly effortlessly and easily, with any simple fluffy blending brush! They have a rich, pigmented yet smooth formula that is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. I also must tell you that I have never experienced any kick up or fall out when using any of these shadows, which is definitely a positive, especially when it comes to using any of those slightly darker more shimmery of shades! Do they last well? Well actually, yes they do. A shadow applies effortlessly onto the lid, thanks to its smooth yet pigmented formula and the colour will last me until the very end of a typical day with no retouches what so ever!

In all, I must tell you that this is the only eyeshadow palette that I’ve been turning to lately, as it really is a very lovely product to use and wear! It is lightweight, compact and designed absolutely beautifully!!!

What are your thoughts on the Dolly’s Wild Side eye palette by Buxom Cosmetics?

Love, Jess


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