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If there’s one thing TKMAXX are good for, it’s finding a good quality product for a fraction of the original retail price! A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a fairly large TKMAXX store, looking around the beauty selection. There, I instantly came across the brand; Eve Lom – whom I have seen on the Space N K website, Cult Beauty, Harrods and even the John Lewis website prior! After taking a look at the condition of each product available – with of course its description – I happily placed the three that were in TKMAXX at the time in my shopping basket, with the hope of discovering a great product to then be able to share with you all, here, on my blog.

The Products

Eve Lom Sheer Radiance Translucent Powder (Dawn 1)
Retail Price – £36.00 / TKMAXX Price – £12.99

The Eve Lom Translucent Powder is described to be a lightweight finishing powder, which has ultra-fine, rose-shaped particles that reflect light for a soft-focus effect.

Eve Lom Golden Radiance Bronzing Powder (Sunrise 1)
Retail Price – Unknown / TKMAXX Price – £9.99

The Eve Lom Golden Radiance Bronzing Powder is described to give the skin a radiant glow with a touch of warmth, with a lightweight, ultra-fine, rose-shaped particle formula!

Eve Lom Illuminating Radiance Powder (Glow 1)
Retail Price – Unknown / TKMAXX Price – £9.99

The Eve Lom Illuminating Radiance Powder is said to be a light reflecting powder that ‘utilises innovative, micro rose-shaped particles to instantly illuminate the skin, whilst mother of pearl extract delivers a subtle iridescent sheen’.

L-R: Glow 1 • Sunrise 1 • Dawn 1

The built-in brush applicator on all three of these products enables one to apply each almost effortlessly with as little mess and hassle as physically possible! These Eve Lom products would also be great to chuck in your handbag for on the go, as they weigh hardly anything, don’t require any extra’s and are just really sleek lovely products to hold and use.

My Thoughts


Nothing Applied.

Eve Lom Sheer Radiance Translucent Powder (Dawn 1)

I like to use this product in-particular, straight after applying my foundation and concealers of choice, as I find this extremely lightweight, fine, loose translucent powder helps to prevent creasing or fine lines from appearing without caking up the under eye area or making the complexion appear rather heavy and most importantly, powdery. Thankfully too, this loose translucent powder doesn’t add any colour to the skin or extra coverage, which is good believe me because a radiant, glowy powder like this is better suited to setting the skin rather than concealing problem areas!

Eve Lom Golden Radiance Bronzing Powder (Sunrise 1)

For such a lightweight and finely milled powder, this product really does give great pigmentation and a beautiful sun kissed touch of warmth to the complexion! It applies super easily, in practically any time and really does appear very healthy and natural on the skin!

Eve Lom Illuminating Radiance Powder (Glow 1)

I would consider myself a very lucky young lady to have been able to purchase this absolutely stunning product for a ridiculous price of £9.99. After a little bit of research, I can tell you that I found this exact same product for sale on the Mecca AU website for $67 – which is just astonishing to say the least!

Out of the three Eve Lom products that I am lucky enough to own, I would definitely have to say that this is my favourite out of the lot. Not because the others are horrible or anything along those lines, I just really enjoy using this product and seeing the beautiful but effortless glow that this achieves. I could also very comfortably and very happily sweep this all over my face if my heart so desperately desired because it doesn’t disturb any of my other makeup, regardless of whether I use cream based products, powders or even liquids. This beautiful illuminating powder in the shade; Glow 1, appears absolutely beautiful on the skin, giving a gorgeous glowy yet very fresh finish to the complexion, I am in love with it!

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Love, Jess


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