The NEW Hollywood Contour Duo by Charlotte Tilbury (Review)

Achieve the ‘Hollywood Contour’ with Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has been killing it lately with product releases.

From the Contour & Beauty Light Wands to a varied shade range of matte liquid lipsticks… I regret to say that I couldn’t quite help but splash the cash and purchase just a few too many of some of these seriously gorgeous products!

For well over a week or two, I have had these gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury products within my possession.

Like every new exciting product that I manage to get, I have been wearing, using and testing these out together every day since they first arrived at my door!

The Packaging

Each perfect product is packaged with sophistication, glamour and just a touch of quality –  ALTHOUGH –  I can’t say that this overly surprises me to tell you the truth because every single Charlotte Tilbury product is designed beautifully in my opinion!

The sponge-like cushion enables one to apply the formula onto one’s complexion, and this is again beautifully made.

The cushion is soft, ultra-smooth and just very comfortable to use. The formula glides through the porous cushion effortlessly, although there is still definitely control and precision in place – from how much you want to apply to how intense you want the colour pay off to be.

One very unusual design feature that I definitely have to mention here though, is that these wands have an almost safety cap mechanism to them!

On the applicator, there are two symbols or signs, which are ‘on and off’.

When the applicator is turned clockwise to ‘ON’ – the formula will easily and happily reach the cushion as you squeeze the tube, ready for you to use. When the applicator is turned back anti-clockwise to ‘OFF’, however – literally nothing will budge. The cushion remains the same and the tube almost feels quite blocked when you squeeze it.

In all, I must say that this design feature isn’t something that I’ve personally ever come across or seen on a piece of makeup before. Although, now I have one to hand and use one on a regular basis, I must say that it makes a lot of sense to me. I really like how this design feature ensures the safety of the formula itself. From it spilling or being accidentally squeezed… and product going everywhere!

The Swatches

Beauty Light Wand 

Top: (One swipe) Cushion applicator – skin
Middle: (Less Product) Cushion applicator – skin
Bottom: Product applied to fingers and then patted onto the skin.

Contour Wand

Top: (One swipe) Cushion applicator – skin
Middle: (Less Product) Cushion applicator – skin
Bottom: Cushion applicator – skin, and then diffused and blended out with a RealTechniques Duo-Fiber Contour Brush.

The Formula

The formula of Charlotte Tilbury’s Contour Wand is smooth, richly pigmented yet incredibly creamy and workable!

It gives a beautifully natural yet healthy, glowy finish to the skin, and is perfect for adding the illusion of shadows to a paler, fair toned complexion (like mine) because it is slightly more ashy toned than warm.

Completing the duo. It’s partner in crime…

The Beauty Light Wand is soft yet subtle in appearance but definitely pretty none the less! I would describe the shade of this highlighter to be an almost cream-like champagne, with added flecks of champagne sparkle.

My Thoughts

When I first came across this new contour and highlighter duo by Charlotte Tilbury, I have to admit that I didn’t expect to like them as much as I actually do! Don’t get me wrong, I hoped to like them of course but just never expected to love using a cream contour like this on such a regular basis, as I was certainly all about the powdered contour life before finding these!!

To blend the beautiful creamy liquid contour into my complexion, I’ve tried a BeautyBlender alone, I’ve used a buffing brush, I’ve tried a foundation buffing brush, I’ve tried a stippling brush, and FINALLY, I’ve even tried a duo-fiber contour brush.

Out of every tool that I’ve used and tried to buff and blend this product into my complexion, I would have to say that the Duo-Fiber Contour Brush by RealTechniques works the best for me, as this really does blend the cream contour into my complexion naturally without disturbing any of my already applied makeup!

The duo-fiber brush diffuses any harsh lines softly whilst also ensuring that the colour and pigmentation remains. I like to diffuse and blend the contour all over gently with this brush but then go over my entire face with my already used dampened BeautyBlender – just to ensure that my complexion appears seamless and just completely blended altogether!

To apply the lovely cream highlighter by Charlotte Tilbury, I like to dab a few splodges of the formula itself onto a finger – and then use my fingers to pat the product lightly onto my skin. I find this technique works the best for me, as by patting it onto the skin, it won’t disturb or possibly separate any of the other makeup that has already been applied.

One negative?!

If I did have to suggest one negative towards these two products, then it could only be their physical size…

I mean, c’mon Charlotte Tilbury, 12ml in each?! That’s hardly anything!!! In fact, it’s the same amount of product as a tiny, tiny Porefessional primer sample from Benefit. I know after around 9 to 10 days of owning mine. My Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand is looking rather deflated indeed… which is very scary because I enjoy using this product regularly and it is rather expensive to keep repurchasing.

Overall, I could only say that I am totally in love with these two products!

After using them consistently for days on end, I’ve just really gotten used to using them, whilst also learning and discovering how to make them work better for me. In the last couple of days, using the contour wand and the highlighter together has honestly worked like a dream! It’s incredible how these two singular products have transformed how I do my makeup and the appearance of my makeup too!

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What are your thoughts on the new Hollywood Contour Duo by Charlotte Tilbury, would you be interested to try these products out for yourself?!

Love, Jess


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