Why it’s okay to take a mid-week break every now and then.

I’m sat here in bed, with a winter duvet pulled up close towards my chest.

If I listen, I can hear the hectic sound of busy traffic passing by and the tiny pitter-patter of light rain drops gently falling against the crisp leaves and the trees just outside my window. It’s a strange feeling. To hear the rest of the world living, working and running whilst sitting in a completely still yet peacefully silent room.

Whilst listening to the world pass by, I could only sit here and reflect on the importance of living but also life itself.

Every now and then, the chaos of life can just get a little bit too much. Our ‘to-do’ lists get bigger and longer and a daily switch off point can sometimes just become harder and harder to reach. Juggling life and the importance of different tasks and hobbies will always be a thing. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m aware of the secret to a stress-free life altogether, as personally, I don’t think one even exists! Throughout our lives we need adrenaline to drive us, to give us ambition and to make us go out ‘there’ and get it. Whatever ‘it’ is. Although, I would like to think that there are things that we can do to make our lives just a little bit easier and more comfortable for our bodies…

One way to do this could be to take a little bit of time out of an ordinary, standard week too just lay back and relax. Forget about the things that usually drain our energy and just concentrate on number one.

Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, you know what gives you comfort.

Giving yourself time to really relax, sit back and just unwind can be so incredibly beneficial, in more ways than one I’m sure. Taking the time to collect your thoughts, breath normally whilst pushing those draining responsibilities to the back of your mind is such a positive thing to do because after, you will return recharged – with a fresh mind set and hopefully ideas!

In a way, forgetting and ignoring one’s responsibilities can be a good thing to do – for a short period of time anyway! When you’ve been starring, concentrating or even working on one particular thing straight, can you really expect to see it in a different light all of sudden? The best advice I can give to someone who is stuck in a never ending loop of un-motivation is to just simply step back. Go and do something that makes you smile, watch one of your favourite movies, have a nap, cook something yummy, call a friend or even head to the shops!

It can only be then when the routine of the life can continue with a different mind set and some inspiration.

Love, Jess

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