Does it work?! Maybelline’s NEW Tattoo Brow. 3 Day Brow Tint.

Introducing Maybelline’s NEW Tattoo Brow. The ‘easy’ peel off tint for your brows that wears ‘up to 3 days’.

If you have naturally thinner – perhaps even over plucked brows that never seem to grow, then I can totally relate to you! Since over plucking my own brows around a year ago, I would have to say that my brows have never quite recovered from the traumatic experience, as they certainly struggle to grow, and that is one thing that I can say for sure!

I have VERY sparse, thin brows that NEVER seem to grow where I want them too… and because of this I am always keen to hear the latest tricks, tips and hacks for achieving naturally fuller, thicker looking brows without breaking the bank of course.

When I discovered that Maybelline had brought out a temporary brow tint (to use in the comfort of ones own home), I must tell you that I was delighted to say the least because I’ve certainly considered getting my brows tinted professionally in the past and using this product first, would be a great way to see if I actually like the result or not!

How to use

Before using this intriguing yet new product by Maybelline, I must first tell you that I prepped and cleansed my skin beforehand using the Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser by Liz Earle and then patted my face dry with a clean yet dry wash cloth. Before applying the Tattoo Brow onto my rather unruly brow area, I also first mapped out where I wanted my brows to begin – where I wanted the arch to appear and of course where I wanted the tail of my brows to end…

Step One
To begin, you want to carefully apply the gel like formula over your existing brow area in the desired brow shape.

Step Two
You then want to leave your brows to dry for at least 20 minutes. For up to 3 days wear, you must let this dry on your brows for 2 hours.

Step Three
Once left to dry for the preferred amount of time, you then want to carefully peel off the brow tint – starting from the inner part of your brow working your way towards the outer/tail.

The Results


As you can see my natural brows are very messy and rather irregular too dare I say. I am desperately waiting for my brows to grow and thicken naturally but it is a very long and painful waiting game… I have to fill in my brows and reshape them using brow products each and every day, which isn’t exactly fun I must admit – which is why I, therefore, wanted to try this product out sooner rather than later!


After peeling off the Tattoo Brow in Light Brown by Maybelline, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My brows appeared much fuller with this tint on and almost slightly symmetrical too?! Although, there are definitely problems and imperfections with this product that I would like to speak about further…

My Thoughts

First and foremost, I must say that this is a very easy and simple product to use because the instructions are easy to follow and very clear to understand. The product itself is comfortable to hold and the formula applies actually pretty easily onto the brows with quite a bit of control too, thanks to the small but flexible applicator! You are also able to achieve a rather natural, feathery finish with this product, although, I can’t say that I am a massive fan of the 2 hour waiting time, especially as it’s only for 3 days wear?!

After easily and comfortably peeling off this dried tint, I must say that my brows were NOT damaged in anyway, nor did I  notice any loose brow hairs, which is absolutely blooming amazing, considering that brows will be already sparse before using this product!

This is where my feelings unfortunately take a turn for the worse, as I can’t say that I am completely in love with this product!

As first impressions go, I was happy with the result. My brows appeared fuller, thicker and certainly less patchy and bold in different areas. By the next day, however, the tint on the sparser, bolder areas of my brows seemed to have lightened dramatically – which absolutely baffles me to say the least because I purposely didn’t use any chemicals or skincare products on my face whilst testing this product out! On the actual brow hairs themselves, I can say that the Tattoo Brow  in the shade: Light Brown is wonderful and just perfectly tinted in my opinion. On the bolder areas of my brows, however, this tint fades rather orangey for my liking! Which doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me, as this product is designed to be used on sparser brows, with I presume bold patches?!

After letting this tint dry on the brows for 2 hours, I can assure you that it will indeed last for the duration of 3 days – with also fading away just perfectly as far as I am aware.

This is a lovely product to use if you want to practice filling in your brows, as it’s certainly helped me to understand where I should be applying product and making up the shape of my lack of natural brow! As far as this goes though, I can’t say that I am overly impressed with this product because of how it fades and the 2 hour waiting game… it just doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me for just 3 days wear!?!

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What do you think of this product, would you be keen to try it for yourself?!

Love, Jess



  1. Mrs.Wei.Yeah
    02/11/2017 / 20:49

    I left this on for 2 hours and my eyebrows are like exclamation mark… but the tint faded 50% immediately after I washed my face… so I still need to touch up my eyebrows the next morning…But… the process was quicker as the basic shape of my desired tinted eyebrow is still there… I just wish the price for this brow tattoo is a bit less, compared to the cheaper Korean brands that started to make brow tattoo way ahead of Maybelline did.

    • jellybluesblog
      03/11/2017 / 08:11

      Oh no! Really, I must say that I went for the lightest shade to avoid that happening but then mine ended up looking a little red toned for my liking. It also really annoys me how advertisement makes out that you only have to wear this on your brows for 20 minutes for 3 days wear when that just isn’t true.

  2. CharlotteSamantha
    03/10/2017 / 15:51

    I would love to try this, however for only 3 days 2 hours drying time seems a little crazy! Ill stick with my pomade for now I think.

    CharlotteSamantha // http://www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

    • jellybluesblog
      03/10/2017 / 15:57

      Exactly! It’s made out to only take 20 minutes but on the box it says that you need to let it dry for 2 hours for 3 days wear! OX

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