Jeffree Star Cosmetics,The Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Vault – Nudes, Volume One (Review)

It’s been just over a week now since the new Send Me Nudes – Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Nudes Set (Volume One) has been in my possession.

I first purchased the £45.00 set on Beautybay.com, as I have always been so intrigued over trying a Jeffree Star matte liquid lipstick out for myself! After speaking to friends, who have worn and tried one of these lipsticks before, I must tell you that I have always been a little hesitant about purchasing one of these for myself because I’d always been told that these dry down dramatically and feel quite rough, dry and pretty uncomfortable too on the lips…

Now, whether spending £45.00 on a set of mini liquid lipsticks that I have been told some pretty bad things about in the past, was a little stupid… I’ll let you answer that one for yourself, but it made a lot of sense to me at the time! Whenever I’ve looked at the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks, I know that the shade range has always baffled me, to say the least, and because of this I’ve never quite known which one to go for, as there are SO many gorgeous shades available, that are all very beautiful indeed!

Since, therefore, this set has a mix of eight different nude toned shades, I thought that this would provide the fairest way of trying a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick out for myself, for the very first time!

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Set – Nudes (Volume One)

This beautiful collection of long-wearing nude liquid lipsticks is displayed in a luxuriously smooth, large, matte box.

The set includes eight different shades, ranging from a soft pink nude to a gorgeous plum toned mauve. By an opaque and lightweight formula, these liquid lipsticks claim to suit every occasion and most importantly every skin tone too!

L-R: Skin Tight • Mannequin • Celebrity Skin • Posh Spice • Leo • Rose Matter • Gemini • Androgyny

The Shades

Skin Tight – a soft nude pink
Mannequin – a cool toned nude
Celebrity Skin – a soft brown nude
Posh Spice – a grey taupe
Rose Matter – a soft neutral coral
Gemini – a warm terracotta nude
Leo – a true honey brown
Androgyny – a plum mauve

My Thoughts

To begin this review, I must first tell you that in my opinion, each mini velour liquid lipstick within this set is sized very reasonably indeed – which is actually rather pleasant and refreshing to tell you the truth because usually, brands, with products similar to this, like to exploit our love for makeup and charge an absolute fortune for the privilege of owning ‘something like’ a lipstick vault or even a beautifully packaged collection!

I would happily have to say that each one of these liquid lipsticks is very lightweight yet smooth in both consistency and texture. The formula of each is thin, liquid-like but definitely not runny and incredibly comfortable to not only apply but also wear for a number of hours. By the cleverly-thought out doe-foot wand applicator, I personally find each liquid lipstick applies like a dream, with very little effort whatsoever! I don’t feel the need to use a lip liner beforehand OR EVEN a lip primer now you come to mention it!… BUT you can of course if you so wish.

As for the finish and texture of each, I can’t personally say that I have ever found one of these liquid lipsticks to make my lips feel especially dry, dehydrated or rough. Whether my lips react differently to these liquid lipsticks in-particular, I don’t quite know but I really, really like how they feel, how they wear and definitely, how they look! I can comfortably wear one of these liquid lipsticks (or even two for an ombré style of look) for around 5/6 hours of wear… eat, drink, talk, yet still, know that my lipstick is looking half decent!

Since having the opportunity to try a range of different shades on a number of different occasions and days, I can tell you that I am actually very impressed and rather surprised by the formula of each one of these liquid lipsticks by Jeffree Star. Being as I was always told that the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are extremely drying for the lips and matte in texture, I guess I never expected to like the formula as much as I actually do, because I’d always expected quite a thick, heavy and over-whipped formula type but these are certainly not that at all!

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What are your thoughts on this beautiful mini liquid lipstick set by Jeffree Star Cosmetics, have you ever tried a product by Jeffree Star Cosmetics before?!

Love, Jess



  1. 20/10/2017 / 09:52

    I initially wasn’t impressed with Jeffree Star, but I have to say that my opinion has changed since trying different products. This set looks so cute! I love the way you’ve photographed it too. Fab review, Jess!

    Sarah xx

    • jellybluesblog
      20/10/2017 / 10:41

      Wasn’t you?! I have always been told that the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks have a really thick, heavy and drying formula but after trying some myself, that is definitely not the case as far as I can see. Have you ever tried one of the highlighters? I’d love to try Princess Cut but I just don’t know… Thank you so much Sarah for all of your lovely comments, they really do mean the world! xxx

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