Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer (First Impressions + Review)

For a short time before now, I was desperate to get my hands on Stila’s newest foundation…

   The Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer by Stila Cosmetics is available in sixteen different shades, ranging from the lightest shade which is Porcelain 0 – all the way to the deepest shade, which is Expresso 15!

The Stay All Day Foundation is described by Stila to wear for 12-hours – with high definition and a beautiful matte finish, this foundation is said to be lightweight but also give the complexion a medium-full buildable coverage! This glorious product is also described to be specially formulated with Arclay Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex – which just so happens to be a proprietary blend of 15 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants… The peach tones within the concealer, itself, are also described to be perfect for neutralising imperfections, whilst the formula of each product here is said to be oil-free, as well as fragrance-free, which is great news for the more sensitive of skin types, just like mine!

The Packaging

The packaging of the Stila, Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer is definitely unique in my opinion, as I’ve certainly never seen anything similar to this before in my life! It is small yet chunky and rather lightweight too – although, this product may still take up a bit of room in your makeup bag, which may not always be the best of things…

The pump or the applicator, should I say?! Is again, very unusual to say the least because there isn’t a pump or type of lid as such on this product. Instead, a type of covered hole?! Which has to be pressed down to enable the foundation to come out… which I understand, sounds very confusing and a little odd as well?! So, hopefully, the following pictures will help clarify what I’m trying to say… ?!

In all though, I must say that I really like the applicator with this foundation in-particular, because it doesn’t allow any wastage as such OR actually make too much of a mess either… I can directly apply this foundation onto my skin, by either using my finger or a clean BeautyBlender or brush!

My Thoughts

In my opinion, I would have to say that the Stila Stay All Day Foundation applies like a dream, because I am able to take my pre-dampened BeautyBlender and directly apply the foundation onto my face but then also blend and build the coverage up, as I go, to a slightly more fuller finish if I so wish.

The foundation, itself, does indeed apply effortlessly – with hardly any need to blend or buff the product in, I have an even-coloured complexion, which is smooth in appearance but also skin-like too – which is great news for a medium-full coverage foundation like this because usually, skin is very unnatural in appearance. Other products, like concealer, can be applied lightly over the top of this foundation – although – do remember that not all products are going to get along, so don’t feel faint hearted if you try one in-particular and it starts to separate on the surface of your skin.

Along with concealers, I would have to say that powder does indeed work well over the top of this foundation – although – I wouldn’t entirely call it a necessary step in my personal opinion – because this isn’t a sticky or tacky feeling foundation and therefore, one that I would actually say needs setting…

If you do, of course, use a brightening concealer over the top of this foundation, then yes, you may want to lightly set your under eye area with a transparent micro-fine setting powder but other than this, I can’t tell you that I have ever felt the need to apply powder over the top of the Stila, Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

This foundation has a matte finish?!

Labelled in the description of this product, the Stila Stay All Day Foundation says that it leaves the complexion with a matte finish… Although, I can’t say that I entirely have to agree with this.

I get that this ISN’T a luminous foundation or one that is supposed to appear glowy or radiant on the skin BUT then I just don’t see this as a matte finish foundation either –  which, don’t get me wrong, is so blooming fantastic! If I’d of known that this is a “matte finish foundation” then I probably would never have purchased it in the first place – because drier skin types, like mine and matte finish foundations, never usually sit well together.

Thankfully though, I have only just read that this is supposedly a ‘matte finish’ foundation, otherwise, I would have never probably discovered one of my current favourite foundations at the moment…

The Stila Stay All Day Concealer is light in weight but well pigmented and just a really good product to use for covering imperfections on the skin! I wouldn’t necessarily say that I would use this concealer in-particular on my under eye areas though – just because the foundation covers any uneven colouring within the complexion perfectly well on its own, which is good enough for me. If I do want to slightly brighten the under eye areas even more, then I use a lightweight (specially designed) brightening concealer rather than one that you would use for concealing too, as those concealers tend to be a little thicker in consistency and with that just a little heavier too.

As I have said many times before, I love how the Stila Stay All Day Foundation sits on my skin but also applies. It wears beautifully too in my opinion, although can settle into those finer lines if you don’t use a good primer beforehand. Overall, I could only say that I am so impressed with this product and would definitely recommend it to a friend!

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What are your thoughts on the Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer?!

Love, Jess

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