The NEW Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara (Review)

Introducing the latest mascara to hit Urban Decay’s very own envious makeup collection…

This is the ‘Troublemaker’ Mascara.

There’s no doubt about it, this mascara looks absolutely stunning!

The double-walled, prismatic and holographic finish gives this product a very cool, contemporary twist compared to every other mascara that is currently on the market. It promises to give lashes 13.7X more volume, as well as a little more length. Urban Decay also says that their specially designed brush applicator separates the lashes as it grabs onto them – coating each with an even amount of formula, whilst also gently curling them too, as it goes. In all, Urban Decay says that this mascara is ideal for those of us who want ‘thicker, longer and fanned-out’ looking lashes’!

So let’s put this mascara to the test!

I first picked this mascara up whilst in Debenhams a few weeks ago! Since then, I have used this product on a number of different occasions, including those when I have used a lash primer beforehand – to hopefully enhance my natural lashes, as well as a pair of eyelash curlers – just to really lift the lashes and hopefully achieve a little more of a fluttery effect.

In all, I must tell you that I have never actually noticed a massive difference in the appearance of my lashes – from using a lash primer or even a pair of eyelash curlers prior to applying the Troublemaker mascara by Urban Decay. Over time, I’ve definitely noticed that this mascara appears and applies consistently – regardless of what I do to my actual lashes beforehand. This is also a mascara that I would definitely say, that you have to build up and layer and then build up and layer some even more – because just one coat on each is definitely not enough! Not if you want big, volumised lashes anyway… and to pick this mascara up in the first place, then I’m pretty sure that you do…

As quite rightly stated in the description of this product, Urban Decay’s specially designed brush applicator does indeed grab onto each lash as you coat this product through the lashes gently and separate the lashes too as it goes.

This isn’t something that I would call uncomfortable in the slightest but definitely a little odd, especially to begin with, because it isn’t as smooth as the typical mascara let’s say. You do get used to the application of course… and I know this because I am slowly getting used to using mine… BUT THEN, for the lack of interest and effect that this gives my actual lashes, do I particularly care to get used to the application anyway?!

 This mascara is, however, great to use along the lower lash line because it is very difficult to smudge this mascara and therefore have it transfer along this area of your eye whilst using this product in-particular!

Overall, I would have to say that I am not a massive fan of the Troublemaker mascara by Urban Decay… and this isn’t because I think that this is a bad product because I don’t actually think that in the slightest. I just don’t think that this is an amazing product or actually anything that special.

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What are your thoughts on the Troublemaker mascara by Urban Decay?!
Have your thoughts changed since reading this review?!

Love, Jess


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