With SO many incredible beauty brands arising, I felt like it was only right to share my thoughts on some of the oldies but the goodies. Brands that have been around for a little now but still shine through excellently, with amazing products that are top of their game! Charlotte Tilbury, for me, is one of the best, and even though her makeup, now, has been around for quite some time, she still continues to create current – on-trend products, that just seem to work regardless.

Whilst routing around my own, ever-growing, makeup collection, I seemed to come across a lot of different Charlotte Tilbury products… from foundations to mascaras, I have a lot of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and even contouring products! Which is why, I happily decided to use the whole lot together and therefore, create a FULL face of Charlotte Tilbury with some of my favourite products!!!


The Face

Products Used:
Light Wonder Foundation – 1 Fair
The Retoucher – Conceal & Treat Stick – 1 Fair

Going straight in with foundation – I decided to use a relatively new product to me, and that is the Light Wonder Foundation by none other than Charlotte Tilbury. I chose this foundation in-particular, as I knew that I wanted quite a light, glowy base to hopefully compliment a rather dark, smoky eye look! To then brighten some deeper, purple-hued areas that are naturally in my skin tone, I lightly blended some of the incredibly lightweight concealer, from the Retoucher stick.

The Hollywood Duo; Beauty Light Wand & Contour Wand – Fair/Medium

To then add a little structure to the face, I decided to apply a gentle stroke of the Contour Wand, as this always works really beautifully into freshly blended foundation, like what I am wearing here – with this perhaps being because it is a cream-based product!? For my highlight base, I then decided to pair it’s partner in crime over the top of my cheekbones. The Beauty Light Wand works into the skin incredibly effortlessly in my opinion and just really enhances ones natural features exquisitely.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow (Face Sculpt & Highlight Palette) – Fair/Medium

For the final touch of definition, I lightly swept a dusting of the gorgeous Sculpt powder from the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette into the hollows of my cheeks, as well as across my forehead, over my neck and just really wherever I felt it to be appropriate at the time! To then, finally, finish off my highlight and just really lift and illuminate the top of my cheekbones even further, I lightly applied some of the highlight powder from this same, gorgeous palette!

Cheek To Chic Swish & Pop Blusher – Sex On Fire

After all the contour and highlighting, my complexion desperately needed a pinch of colour to bring it back to life – which is why, I then decided to add, with a very gentle hand, just a touch of this blusher to the apples of my cheeks!

The Eyes

Luxury Palette – The Dolce Vita
Full Fat Lashes Mascara – Glossy Black

As far as this eye look goes, I must tell you now, that this IS actually very simple and easy to create – because all it really consists off is the eyeshadow palette itself and whole lot of blending!

To create this quite smoky, slightly sultry eye look that I am wearing here – all I literally did was blended a whole lot of these gorgeously pigmented and slightly saturated shades together. Taking the deeper, almost grey-toned black, which is called ‘Smoke’, I lightly blended this outwards, towards my outer-third, just to really elongate the shape of my eyes and create something rather dark and I guess heavy, although definitely wearable overall. Once created, I must say that I was happy with the overall appearance of my eyes, although I definitely felt like it needed just a touch of sparkle! Which is why, I decided to pat a heap load of the stunning bronzy gold glitter from The Dolce Vita palette, basically all-over my lids!

As for the mascara, you know I HAD to use one of my all-time favourites, which is the Full Fat Lashes, in Glossy Black, because it is indeed, absolutely blooming amazing!!!

Brow Lift – Brooke S
Legendary Brows – Linda

If you’re someone who is lucky enough to have full, thick brows that don’t always need products applying, then by all means, feel free to completely skip this step with my added blessing and intense hint of jealously. Although, if you are like me and NEED brow products to appear even half approachable, then these are indeed the only two products that I did in fact use when creating this look!

The Lips

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick – Stoned Rose
Matte Revolution – Pillow Talk

To complete this look, and, of course, put a smile on my own face… I insisted on using two of my ULTIMATE favourite Charlotte Tilbury lip products, which are in fact, the lipsticks; Stoned Rose and Pillow Talk! Prior to apply a mixture of these beautiful lipsticks to my lips though, I must tell you that I did indeed line my lips with a Lip Cheat lip pencil in Pillow Talk also.

And that completes my look!

What are your thoughts on my look, would you recreate something similar, let me know your thoughts in the comments below?!


Love, Jess


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