Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation (Review… on dry skin)

It’s a foundation that’s adored by so many… yet one that I have never actually tried until now. Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation is said to help smooth, hydrate and illuminate the skin, whilst also minimising the appearance of pores and helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is described to include innovative technology, which will moisturise the skin and even out imperfections with a comfortable, lightweight formula. The pseudo-ceramides in the formula itself will also hydrate the skin too – for up to 18 hours supposedly! Including an SPF of 15, this foundation will protect your skin from damaging UV rays, whilst the youth-boosting ingredients in the formula, will help give you baby-soft skin by reducing wrinkles, evening-out and smoothening the complexion!

Throughout the last couple of months, it’s fair to say that I have seen this foundation being used more and more regularly by some of my favourite beauty influencers online! It seems to be a found favourite in the beauty community, with so many describing it as ‘the perfect everyday foundation’!

With all of this in mind, I had to give it a go myself because my skin type is definitely dry and can be sensitive at times, which as I am sure you can understand, can be a little challenging at times too, with regards to knowing which products I can and can’t use.

SO, what can I tell you about this foundation?! Well the formula type is one that I would, personally, describe as a liquid-cream, as it is runny to a degree but then it still has a little bit of something to it, if you know what I mean. The consistency of the Light Wonder Foundation, however, is lovely. It is smooth, it is lightweight but the coverage can be a little disappointing depending on your preference.

I must tell you that I would have definitely preferred a slightly fuller coverage with this foundation, although nothing too heavy. I guess to put it in prospective – I would describe Light Wonder as it is now, as being a light coverage foundation, whereas a medium type of coverage would have been preferred by me, personally, because blemishes and freckles are definitely still visible, even with a good layer or two of this foundation in-particular on the skin!

Over time, I have also noticed that this foundation doesn’t seem to react well to added powders sitting over the top of it!? Whether or not this is just my skin, I don’t quite know BUT it will separate and become quite patchy if I apply a setting or face powder over the top of it – EVEN INCLUDING – the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder by none other than Charlotte Tilbury! Luckily, however, I can get away with not setting this foundation – by using a type of powder. It does feel rather tacky to begin with I grant you, but rest assured this foundation does dry and set into place, and last pretty well on the skin when worn alone now I come to think of it!


*Please note – all of the following swatches are on a clean, dry hand and photographed in natural lighting*



(Blended using a damp BeautyBlender)

The Light Wonder Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury has a very elegant, glowy finish to it in my opinion, which just really compliments the skin well! Skin’s texture is smooth, yet natural and pores are actually well concealed?! With this, I feel as though the Light Wonder Foundation would really compliment a slightly duller, maturer-skin type too, as it has such a lightweight and smooth consistency, that isn’t going to sit heavy on the skin or particularly emphasise larger pores either.

Overall, I must say that I really like this foundation in-particular, as it sits beautifully on my skin and feels very comfortable with that too! The coverage could definitely be slightly fuller if it wanted to – BUT – then, I don’t really think that we can complain because this is still a very nice, illuminating – everyday style of foundation – that is easy to apply, as well as simple to blend!

What are your thoughts on this foundation by Charlotte Tilbury?!


Love, Jess


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