The Face Halo: My Honest Thoughts.

Question of the day, ‘how do you currently remove your makeup?

With people’s love for makeup somewhat increasing, it would appear that makeup removal products are becoming even more popular, and with that, better too in terms of quality perhaps? Over the duration of maybe ten years (or however long I’ve been using & wearing makeup) – I can’t tell you that I have been all that experimental with how I take my own makeup off… I use face wipes a lot of the time, which is naughty, I know BUT then also cleansers occasionally, and every now and then micellar water too, depending on my mood, of course.


To be brutally honest with you, I have a few ‘Makeup Erasers’ in my skincare collection – and for anyone who isn’t already aware – this is a similar type of makeup removal cloth to the Face Halo in a sense, although they are not exactly the same! The Makeup Eraser is large and quite flat, smooth in texture but also quite flexible and much more movable in my opinion. Before, having my Face Halo to hand, I must tell you that I used to love my Makeup Eraser because it is so quick and easy to use – without the faff of applying extra makeup removal products, like micellar water for example…

Now I have a Face Halo though, and have used it a couple of times, I just don’t quite know if I still love the Makeup Eraser as much as I once did?

The Face Halo is a small, squidgy, SOFT, disc shaped cloth, which is quite thick in texture but then really easy and comfortable to hold and use at the same time. The cloth itself is a little textured, which I actually prefer because the slightly chunkier material allows you to feel as though more dirt and excess makeup is being removed from your skin! The petite, disc shape of the Face Halo is also ideal for holding and travelling around with, because it fits ideally into ones hand, allowing ultimate control and precision also.

If there is just one negative to the Face Halo, that I can think off, then it could only be that it doesn’t like to remove mascara from my lashes that comfortably or easily, which is strange because I have seen other demonstrations of people removing their makeup with one of these online, and it worked perfectly for them – maybe my lashes just like to keep hold of the mascara? Who knows.

The Packaging

When it comes to the packaging, you’ll have to just give me a moment… because it is utter genius!
Please be aware that the packaging may differ depending on who you purchase your Face Halo from.

The Face Halo arrives in it’s ACTUAL packaging… there is no excess packaging on this product, well, apart from a shipping label, but I’m sure you can understand that… Once receiving your pack of Face Halo’s – depending on which set you ordered, all you literally have to do is rip of the top, and there they are! I love it.

The packaging for Face Halo TOTALLY connects with the point of the product in my opinion… less waste, less carbon footprint! Better for the environment. Ultimately, with a Face Halo you are wasting and disposing less face wipes, less cotton pads, and less plastic bottles really when you come to think of it. The Face Halo can be reused for a number of times… (it can be washed up to 200 times in fact, I’ve just checked), so just think of how much money that is saving us all in the long run, as well as the amount of product that wouldn’t be binned, disposed off or even recycled!

If you fancy trying out a Face Halo for yourself but just don’t quite know where to get hold off one, then I can tell you now that they are stocked on BeautyBay – which may be better for those of us in the UK –  otherwise you can definitely still order off the Face Halo website itself, just like I did. I know that I ordered the pack of 3, for $22 (although it was reduced at the time, as I purchased mine during the Black Friday sales) and there was no customs charge or import tax! Plus it came within the week, which was amazing because it meant that I didn’t have to wait that long to try my Face Halo out!

In all, I must say that I am a fan of the Face Halo! It is affordable (in the long-run definitely), as well as incredibly effective. The Face Halo removes my face makeup BLOOMING amazingly well.. like, seriously, this one little cloth was removing makeup from my face that I didn’t even know I was wearing (how?). I love how the standard (black) pack comes with a set of three also, as this enables me to keep one in the shower, hanging up, one by the sink, ready to remove my makeup with in the evening, and even have one as a spare, when another is perhaps in the wash?!!!!!!

What are your thoughts on the Face Halo, would you try it?!

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Love, Jess

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