The importance of moisturiser.

*This post is in collaboration with Frezy Derm UK*

A little while ago, Frezy Derm very graciously got in touch with me over on Instagram, as they very kindly wanted to send me one of their glorious skincare products to try.

Since receiving their Moisturising 24HR Cream – specially formulated for aged 20+ skin, I must tell you that the whole idea around moisturiser and the importance of actually using skincare on a daily basis has made me incredibly intrigued but interested also.

This is why, I then decided to go back to Frezy Derm with a little blog post proposal…

With my delightful and rather unique moisturiser in-hand, I contacted Frezy Derm to ask if they would very kindly help me out, by sharing some of their skincare expertise and knowledge on moisturiser in particular.

I was incredibly intrigued to learn and understand why moisturiser is so important, and such a vital step in our skincare routines. I was keen to know if moisturiser is actually beneficial to our skin OR whether it is just a gimmick to make us spend lots and lots of money!

Since contacting Frezy Derm, I can confirm that they very quickly responded, happily, allowing me access to the knowledge that I required – So thank you very much Frezy Derm because it has been very interesting for me, personally, to learn about the importance of moisturiser and why we should use it.

Did you know that your skin is actually your largest organ?

This may be common knowledge to a lot of you but still a little mind-boggling don’t you think?

Our skin keeps us warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, protects us from (most) infections and also uses nerves to try and keep us safe from danger… yet, it’s kind of taken for granted don’t you think?

Throughout my short period of research, I must tell you that I never actually realised just how vital the age of ones skin actually is in reflection to the skincare products that you should or shouldn’t be using.

For example, in your 20’s your skin replenishes itself every 26-28 days, whereas in your 30’s your skin’s renewal cycle begins to slow down, and now only replenishes itself every 30-32 days.

I guess just one very important thing to remember, is that how you treat your skin in your 20’s will determine what damage you’ll be trying to recover around your 30’s and 40’s, and because of this – why good skincare is so important to us all, regardless of ones age!

In terms of moisturiser in-particular, it is very important to adapt ones moisturiser as your skin needs to change and mature –

The hydration within ones skin is an essential for good, overall, derma health, which is why I, personally, think that every moisturiser should largely focus on real, honest hydration, rather than a nice texture, pretty packaging and a rather unique, edible scent?! Although, with saying that, you’ve gotta love the deliciously scented face creams, haven’t you?!

The time of the day in which one moisturises is ALSO surprisingly massively important – because your skin is physically different from when you wake up to when you settle down in bed and go to sleep.

When you wake, your skin has rested and ‘if you like’, also slept too. Whereas, when you get ready to go to bed, your skin has basically had ‘everything’ thrown at it from that current day! From air pollution to drying air conditioning, you’ve also sweat and likely had makeup on too?

Meaning a deep cleanse is an essential for getting rid of those blocked up pores, and all that days grime which has built up on your face and within your skin!

During the night – this is the time to take the most advantage out of your skincare’s properties, as this is the time in which your skin is healing and rejuvenating itself. Meaning the type of moisturiser that you use, including it’s own ingredients should be well thought about, researched and considered!

The Frezy Derm 24HR Moisturising Cream has an incredibly lightweight formula – which I know some of you will really adore, particularly if you don’t enjoy wearing creams or lotions, and having them sitting on the surface of your skin.

This hydrating, lightweight cream absorbs into the skin beautifully in my opinion, and doesn’t leave any kind of uncomfortable residue or texture as far as I can see or feel. I love that this cream is working for my skin because it is formulated and dermatologically tested for skin of my age, maturity and growth. It works well underneath primer and foundation too, and is just a really good moisturiser that I would definitely recommend checking out further. 

Since receiving this productI have honestly got to tell you that I have really been adoring the application of this moisturiser, as well as my other skincare products! I feel as though Frezy Derm have allowed me to really see why good skincare is so important and why we should all appreciate it just a little bit more.

What are your thoughts on moisturiser, do you use one regularly?

Love, Jess

This blog post is in collaboration with FREZY DERM UK. An item featured in this post has been gifted to me, with the intent of a review/feature on Jellybluesblog.co.ukAs always, my thoughts & opinions shared within their post are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! Enquiries: Please email: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com

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