The NEW TooFaced Diamond Highlighter (Review)

It’s true. The sight of any new highlighter always intrigues me.

When I first discovered that TooFaced were set to release a brand new product called the Diamond Highlighter, I must tell you that I was truly overrun with all kinds of different emotions. On the one hand, this highlighter is made and created by one of my favourite cosmetic brands; which is TooFaced… The packaging looks adorable and the shade even looked to be compatible with a fairer skin tone just like mine? On the other hand though, I already own a lot of different highlighters, which I defintiely do not need… So, could I, therefore, really justify spending even more money on yet another highlighter? Oh the decision was real.

As you can see though, my heart definitely over-powered my head, because I soon purchased the new Diamond Highlighter by TooFaced as soon as it became available on the Debenhams website!


What is the NEW Diamond Highlighter by TooFaced really all about?

Well, I can tell you that TooFaced have labelled this glorious highlight as one-of-a-kind. Being infused with real crushed diamond powder and light reflecting pearls, this highlighter is said to give ones complexion a ‘rainbow diamond fire glow, like you’ve never seen before’! Combining the shades of pink, blue and gold, this highlighter is totally customisable and can be layered for extra intensity. Suitable for all skin tones too supposedly, TooFaced say that this magical product can be used anywhere, from on your eyes to your face and even over your body!! Interestingly the formula of this highlight is also a little different. Going from a liquid to a powder as it is hand poured into the packaging, TooFaced claim that no two Diamond Highlighters will EVER look the same – just like a real diamond!


 To be totally honest with you, I am head over heels in love with the new Diamond Highlighter by TooFaced.

I think the packaging is really adorable but also very clever, as TooFaced have effortlessly combined the idea of a diamond ring – hence the jewellery box styled packaging – to what a diamond may well look like in makeup form and on the complexion! The shade is also perfect for me. As I would personally describe the Diamond Highlighter as a very subtle cream champange shade with an also very subtle purple holographic reflect? It isn’t an overpowering highlight at all in my opinion, although one that I certainly wouldn’t describe as subtle either. I just really enjoy using this highlighter on a regular basis, regardless of the occassion.

I must tell you, however – that I would not use this highlighter on any other areas than the top of my cheekbones and perhaps the top of my shoulders. As this highlighter does give a rather subtle purple reflect, I would not say that it is an appropriate shade to use on any other facial areas, like down the center of ones nose for example.

In all though – and as you’ve probably guessed already, I really do like this highlight and am very impressed by what TooFaced have achieved. I love the cream-like finish that this powdered-product gives to my skin – as quite often, powdered products like this can sometimes look a little too heavy and cakey on the skin, espeically on a naturally drier skin type similar to mine. The shine and intensity of this highlighter is also beautifully buildable, which I personally really admire. It has an incredibly smooth formula, which also just ensures that whilst giving yourself high-shine and a beautiful glow, you are also going to have beautifully flawless skin and an ultra-smooth finish where your highlight is concerned! 

What are your thoughts on this gorgeous highlight by TooFaced, would you buy it?


Love, Jess


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