“THE” Sisley Double Tenseur Primer… My Honest Thoughts

Have you EVER wondered what makes one product in-particular SO incredibly sought-after?!
From the ingredients which are used to the product’s packaging, I wonder if some of the attraction could even be down to the price…

A product that I have seen being described as one highly-luxurious and bank balance destroying product is the Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term – which is also known as “THE” Sisley face primer. For the reason being that this is such a controversial product – from many online influencers claiming it to be the best of the best, whilst others simply say that this is ridiculously over-priced, I was eager to try this product out for myself and share my thoughts on it, with you all on my blog!!

The Double Tenseur by Sisley is a product that claims to instantly firm the face, lift the appearance of features and also fade signs of fatigue. It is described to work both immediately and long-term, which is why Sisley says that AFTER just four weeks of using this product daily, skin is more toned, denser to the touch and plumper overall. 

As for the application, I must say that one thing has definitely surprised me about the use of this product because along with using this over your normal daily skin care products AND as a makeup base primer, you can also use this to touch up over your makeup throughout the day and evening, for an instant beauty boost?! Which just sounds alien to me because of this products almost slippery, gel-like texture… I couldn’t imagine this working out well in the end… although, maybe it does, who knows?

As I have ONLY ever seen beauty and makeup enthusiasts using this product as a foundation base… I have only tested this product out as a primer so far, and will therefore only be sharing my thoughts on this product as a primer within this review.

I would like to one-day try this product out over the top of my already worn makeup, although the thought of this at this moment in time is just a little too scary for me to personally comprehend. 

To make my review on this so highly-talked about Sisley product as fair as possible, I have decided to compare it to one of my all-time FAVOURITE primers that I know exists, and this is the Stila One Step Correct. I understand that these two products are different and do claim to act differently on the skin but when it comes to a foundation primer, I know that the Stila one works for me.

I would also just like to point out that I have worn both of these primers together in the same face of makeup. With the Stila One Step Correct primer having been applied to the left side of my face and the Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-term having been applied to the right side of my face. I have really been able to see if there are any differences between these two products, with regards to how foundation and makeup applies over the top of the Double Tenseur but also, of course, how it wears throughout a typical day.



  • Rhatany extract: astringent and toning, contributes to an immediate lifting effect
  • Lemon extract: astringent and toning
  • Oat seed extract: “3D lifter” active ingredient
  • Tiger Nut extract: restores the skin’s elasticity
  • Cotton extract: regenerating and replenishing
  • Red Vine extract: anti-free radicals
  • Watercress extract: tones and revitalizes
  • Biosaccharide solution: instant and long-term moisturizing properties
  • Glycerin of vegetable origin: moisturizes and softens


With regards to the application of each one of these primers, I can’t say that they applied all that differently to one another in my personal opinion. The Stila One Step Correct does indeed have some colour to the formula and is also slightly more cream based than the Double Tenseur by Sisley… I just can’t tell you that these appeared all that diffrerently to one another on my skin personally.

The Sisley Double Tenseur does INDEED have a slightly tackier finish to it, which certainly helps lock foundation and other makeup items in place. If I was to just use the Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term for its skincare properties, however, then I can’t say that I would like this tacky consistency left on my skin and complexion, as it is just a little too uncomfortable for my own liking.

As far as foundation is concerned, I decided to use one of my all-time favourite foundations also, as I know how this foundation usually applies, how it wears and the finish of it too on my skin. 

Like usual, I blended a respectable amount of the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Liquid Foundation into my skin with the use of a clean, dampened BeautyBlender.

On either side of my face, I would have to tell you that my foundation applied, blended and appeared EXACTLY the same as one another!


After a somewhat disapointing – somewhat enlightening application, I must say that I didn’t really know where I stood with the very luxurious Sisley Double Tenseur primer, because my trusty Stila One Step Correct primer seemed to be holding its head up high, retrospectively speaking. 

After around (maybe) 2 hours of wear, my foundation still looked great. There were a few fine lines around my forehead on the Stila side, although nothing devastating. My foundation still appeared dewy with a good even coverage on either side, and I was very happy indeed. There was no drying on either side, no melted areas and more importantly no creasing either.

After around 6 hours of wear though, I must say that my foundation seemed to have worn exactly the same. The melted areas were in exactly the same areas on either side of my face, as well as the emphasised pores and a few drier areas where the foundation had clung too. I couldn’t believe it, a £24.00 primer VS. a £115 primer and they both seemed to have worked exactly the same. What was happening?


Based on everything that I have experienced and, of course, told you about, I must tell you that this experiement has been rather eye-opening to say the least…

I cannot believe how well both of these primers have worn… Whether you want to say that the Stila One Step Correct is expectional OR the Sisley Double Tenseur is disapointing for the cost, I don’t really think that anyone could truly label any one of these as bad products. 

If Sisley Double Tenseur wasn’t £115 for just 30ml then yes it would be a different story because I wouldn’t be quite so hesitant as to whether I would recommend this product or not. Truth be told, I have enjoyed trying out this expensive product out and certainly do not regret purchasing it in the first place. For it’s price, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I would have liked something more from this, and something that I guess I couldn’t of also got from a £24 product BUT actually, I can’t also help but be glad because it doesn’t mean that I have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on just one primer that works.

What are your thoughts on the Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-term ‘primer’?


Love, Jess


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