What is our obsession with makeup?

The time for reflection usually comes to us all once the New Year celebrations are over BUT whilst taking this time to really reflect on the past twelve months of my life, I have also thought about my future, and with that, what I hope for it to entail…

Whilst I really do hope that for one day, writing about makeup will be my full-time career, you have to think to yourself, how did this all really begin? What made me fall in love with makeup all of a sudden and why did I begin to write about it the way in which I have?

Now, I realise that being a makeup enthusiast doesn’t automatically mean that you HAVE to write about it online, nor film yourself using it or in fact, show your passion for it anywhere on social media. Yet, so many of us (myself included) choose to put our opinions and views “out there” for the world to see. For reference, I would like to say that I am definitely no expert – and honestly talking here – I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur. I am simply a girl who loves to dissect makeup as it is. Not by crushing it, cutting it or even dismantling it BUT by simply applying it, testing it and wearing it throughout your typical, bog-standard day!


Makeup enables us to express ourselves like nothing other.

It can be a safety blanket, a cover-up or just simply a form of confidence, AND whilst some of us feel the need to use makeup daily, others are simply happy to just use it, as and when they feel it to be appropriate.

The idea behind makeup is ‘WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT’ to change something physical about one’s appearance – whether that be to help one’s lashes appear longer and thicker or to help improve the visible texture and appearance of one’s skin.
Makeup gives people a confidence boost, which is sometimes exactly what we all need and ‘oh so’ desperately desire! Although, I can’t help but feel as though there is so much more to makeup than just the end result, and strangely, I think that this is one of the biggest things that we all forget when simply just ‘getting ready’ in the mornings.

When you next get ready – whether that be sometime early in the morning or later throughout the day. Just take a moment to really think to yourself, WHY. ‘Why am I do this’? Is it because your job demands it OR do you wear makeup because it gives you confidence?

Do you wear makeup for yourself entirely OR do you feel that you need the use of it to feel good about yourself? 

I am so incredibly intrigued as to why YOU, personally wear makeup! So please do let me know in the comments below. 

For me, personally, I would have to say that my own use for makeup isn’t really as straight forward as any of that, because makeup for me isn’t always about the end result. In fact, I would have to say that it is quite the opposite most of the time.

I really enjoy the ritual of doing my makeup.

From sitting there at my dressing table with my hair pinned back. Skincare products at the ready, and my entire makeup collection sitting there before my very eyes!

I like the process of makeup, from applying it, to seeing how it sits on the skin… I love to see the transformation.

Whether I’m going anywhere remotely ‘special’ or just simply popping into town to run a few errands, I wouldn’t say that I follow any specific guidelines when it comes to the makeup that I choose to wear. I just enjoy ‘playing’ with makeup and creating whatever look that I am feeling at that moment in time.

Of course, there are always times that I want my makeup to look ‘good’ and last well throughout the day BUT then I can’t say that I wear makeup entirely for those reasons alone. I wear makeup because I feel better with it, I like to apply it and therefore, create many different styles of looks with it. I wouldn’t like to think that I wear makeup for the benefit of others but then if it makes me feel more confident when wearing it, then surely I do to a degree?!

In all, I would have to say that I love a lot of things about makeup. 

I like how makeup can transform someones not only physical appearance but also self-confidence about themselves. I like how makeup can accentuate one’s features, allowing them to feel much happier about the way they look, and I also love how makeup can just highlight one’s personality and mood exquisitely well. Makeup may not be for everyone, and you know, that’s absolutely fine!!! There are some days when wearing makeup would be one of the last things that I would want to do BUT then there are certainly days when I look forward to putting on my makeup and just feeling a lot better about myself, both physically and emotionally. 

Some of us feel as though we need the use of makeup in our lives, and if that works for you, then go for it! I don’t think anyone can really tell anyone how, why and when you should be using and wearing makeup because, at the end of the day, makeup is personal. Whether you wear it for fun and creativity or because it genuinely helps you, then I say carry on! Carry on doing what works for you and carry on doing what you love best.


Love, Jess


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