Custom Lipsticks by BonnieXO Cosmetics

*This post is in collaboration with BonnieXO.

To kick things off, let me first tell you a little bit about BonnieXO as a brand!

BonnieXO is a UK brand who make all of their own lipsticks. They source all of the finest ingredients which are available all the way from China, to then enable a formula to be hand-made and created by themselves alone. They custom blend each lipstick with the client in mind at all times. Allowing one to choose from the texture of their lipstick to the shade/colour and even the scent! 

Not only do BonnieXO create their own collection of specific lipstick shades (which of course you can adjust accordingly) – You can also have BonnieXO create a complete and utter unique shade just for you! Whether you have a discontinued lipstick shade that you would like to have duplicated or a dress that you ‘oh so’ desperately want to match, BonnieXO have you covered. You simply have to send them a swatch of the lippie itself and they can create this for you. Further information on this service can be found on the BonnieXO website.

A few weeks ago, someone from the BonnieXO team kindly got in touch with me asking if I would like to become an affiliate for their brand. Although, with not actually knowing anything about BonnieXO as a brand nor certainly never trying any of their custom lipsticks before… I definitely could not become an affiliate for them at this moment in time. From this, I suggested something a little bit different and something that I am definitely more used to. I suggested that BonnieXO could send me a few of their custom lipsticks for me to try, share on Jellybluesblog and of course let my followers know my honest thoughts on. To which, BonnieXO promptly agreed – with also sending me a completely clean discount code for my followers to also use.

To clarify I would just like to confirm that I am not an affiliate of BonnieXO and definitely do not receive any source of income if you choose to use my unique code when making an order on BonnieXO.co.uk.



By entering this discount code when placing an order on Bonniexo.co.uk, you will receive 10% off your order.

From the overwhelming array of shades that BonnieXO already creates, I was very kindly gifted two of the glorious custom lipsticks that are Rosewood (Custom Scent: Rose) and Barberry (Custom Sent: Black Cherry).

After trying, wearing and testing both the formula of these two lipsticks out with also how they appear and feel on the lips, I must tell you that I am pleasantly surprised by what I have found. If I am being entirely honest with you – I definitely thought and expected the lipsticks to arrive by BonnieXO and be disappointed by them. As I certainly expected a lipstick that wasn’t going to be very pigmented, as well as slightly dry in texture and just not very pleasant to wear overall BUT I was wrong. There is definitely more to the BonnieXO custom lipsticks that just which fragrance you decide to choose.

Before anything else, I would have to tell you that the packaging of these lipsticks is a little cheap in my opinion – although I can certainly see the style of look that BonnieXO are going for and what they are wishing to achieve. For the RRP of £10; ‘Do I think that these lipsticks are expensive’? Well, actually no. For a custom lipstick like this, I wouldn’t expect to pay anything less, as A HECK OF A LOT of times goes into making one of these lipsticks. Although, for their overall appearance and feel, I wouldn’t be comfortable with paying anything more than £10 in price at this moment in time – unless of course the packaging was upgraded slightly, then I’m sure I would.

L-R: Barberry • Rosewood

The custom lipsticks themselves by BonnieXO are really lovely in my opinion and certainly of a high standard too. They are beautifully pigmented, as well as buildable and have a smooth consistency also. Each lipstick is incredibly lightweight in my opinion, which makes wearing one of these lipsticks feel effortless. I love it. 

Whether or not this is true (of course I would have to confirm this with BonnieXO themselves) but coming from a girl who tries and wears a lot of different types of lip products, I am confident that these lipsticks each contain a high percentage of wax in their formula, as these lipsticks feel so incredibly balm-like. It is divine. They are extremely comfortable to wear for a lipstick like this, as well as lovely to apply. I just can’t help but rub my lips together when wearing one of these lipsticks, to feel that incredibly smooth, balm-like texture. It is heavenly. As for the scent, there is really only one word to describe it and that is genuis. What could be better than having a shade of lipstick that you adore whilst it also smelling absolutely delicious too?!

Love, Jess

This blog post is in collaboration with BONNIEXO. An item featured in this post has been gifted to me, with the intent of a review/feature on Jellybluesblog.co.ukAs always, my thoughts & opinions shared within their post are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! Enquiries: Please email: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com

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