#NEW Benefit BadGal BANG! Mascara (Review)

After a great deal of hype and speculation, it’s here. The new #OUTOFTHISWORLD product by Benefit…

Around two weeks ago, Benefit saw one of their biggest product launches for quite some time. From flying a group of influencers from around the world to the Maldives to also hosting a variety of events back at home, it is fair to say that Benefit have really emphasised their new product as being something rather quite special indeed. Although, whether it is or not is of course, completely up to you.


  • A gravity-defying mascara with 36 hours volume.
  • A weightless formula made with aero-particules.
  • Earth shattering ingredients, derived from space technology – offers a formula that can easily be layered for bigger, more volumised lashes.
  • Big slimpact brush – offers a 360˚ reach. Streamlined to easily reach root-to-tip, as well as corner-to-corner and upper and lower lashes.

What can I say, I am a big fan of this new mascara by Benefit. At first, I must say that I was a little underwhelmed because I was expecting a product by Benefit like I’d never seen before. Benefit are the creators of one of my all-time favourite products, which is the Rollerlash Mascara. Meaning that it was, therefore, a little bit of a shock to see that their NEW #OUTOFTHISWORLD product is just a mascara… Although I can say with a great deal of pleasure that there is certainly more to this mascara than first meets the eye.

Before I make a comment on anything to do with the formula of the BADGal BANG Mascara itself, I HAVE to mention the packaging because it is certainly winning as far as I can see! It is smooth and matte yet so incredibly boujee and sophisticated. In fact, #GirlBoss comes to mind most definitely! I love it. It is comfortable to hold and therefore apply, whilst also appearing absolutely stunning on anyone’s vanity unit. I cannot get over how beautifully detailed and designed the lid of this mascara is for a £21.50 product? Thank you Benefit. You have served the makeup community well once again with your style and design of packaging.

Moving swiftly on to the formula of the new BadGal BANG! Mascara by Benefit, I must tell you that this is indeed a delightful one in my personal opinion! It is lightweight, smooth in texture and just perfectly balanced in consistency as far as I am aware. The formula isn’t wet nor dry, which has to be a good thing as overly wet mascaras can often smudge very easily, whilst also transferring to either the top or bottom of one’s lids. I usually always get mascara transfer onto the top of my lids and onto my freshly applied eyeshadow, as well as always smudging along my lower lash line as mascara is being applied, which let’s not deny it, is one of the most annoying things EVER!

The NEW BadGal BANG! Mascara lives up to many of the technically #OUTOFTHISWORLD claims that Benefit have so cleverly put out there…

They say that this mascara has a weightless formula (thanks to the aero-particles which are used), and actually I can confirm this. This mascara has a very comfortable and lightweight consistency, which thankfully doesn’t tend to suffocate the lashes or pull them down in weight. One of the worst things is when you have been wearing your mascara for hours on end and also feel like you have too. The NEW BadGal BANG! Mascara doesn’t do this thankfully or not to me anyway. You do still feel like you are wearing mascara of course, but this doesn’t seem to weigh my lashes down OR make them feel quite irritated and therefore uncomfortable!

Another great thing about the formula of this mascara is the effect that it has on my lashes and with that, the appearance on my eye makeup also. It gives a dramatic, wearable length which thankfully doesn’t appear thin and spidery. Lashes can appear quite clumped and heavy, so if this isn’t a look that you usually like then you may not be a fan of this mascara. I, on the other hand, love this style of look. I don’t care if my lashes look heavily applied with mascara because if I am wearing mascara then I want you to see it… I also really adore how well this mascara seems to hold the curl in my lashes, hours after using a pair of eyelash curlers!

In all, I would have to say that this is a very good mascara in my opinion and certainly one that I would recommend checking out if you’re into your lengthening mascaras – which also coat the lashes with an intense saturation of black. I really like how this mascara applies and just how comfortable it is to use. The wand to this mascara is plastic, which isn’t usually my preferred choice of wand I must admit, although I do really like this one. It fits into the shape of my eyes well, as well as combing through and coating my lashes evenly. I really like how this mascara works and the effect that it achieves.


Love, Jess

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    • jellybluesblog
      15/02/2018 / 19:58

      It’s gorgeous isn’t it! Benefit never seizes to amaze me with their packaging! I’d love you know your thoughts on this mascara too once you try it! ?

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