#NEW Dior Lip Glow Hydrating Colour Reviver Lip Balms (006 Berry, 009 Holo Purple & 102 Matte Raspberry)

Isn’t it exciting?! The overwhelming craze for ultra-dry matte lips is closely becoming a trend of the past. With gloss, creams and buttery balm textures now being one of the hottest fashion style and trends to be hitting the market.

For me personally, the liquid matte faze was never really that much of a big deal because I have always found matte products to be just a little bit too drying and uncomfortable for everyday wear. Although there have certainly been a few matte lip products that I have and do enjoy using – I just can’t say in total honesty that I will miss the matte-trend entirely!

Moving forward, Dior Beauty has recently released a bunch of new shades to their incredibly popular Lip Glow (Hydrating Colour Reviver) Lip Balm collection.

From the highly-anticipated new shade range collection by Dior Beauty… I managed to get my hands on the three shades that are; 006 Berry, 009 Holo Purple and lastly, 102 Matte Raspberry. Although, I would also definitely LOVE to try 005 Lilac too!

The Dior Hydrating Colour Revive Lip Balms claim to hold the perfect balance between makeup and lip care. From the famous colour-reviver technology, this product is said to react to the unique chemistry of a person’s lips – to give a natural flush of bespoke colour which will suit each and every skin tone perfectly.

Dior Beauty proudly state that lips appear fresh, full and radiant with the use of this product, as they are ‘revived’ from within – containing mango butter also, the formula of this supposedly glorious product claims to provide continual hydration for up to 24 hours (not including matte shades).




“Original Glow, The iconic finish:
Born backstage and loved by Dior make-up artists for its custom rosy tint effect and subtle shine.” – DIOR BEAUTY


New. Holographic Glow:
The same comfort and Colour Reviver technology in an iridescent “Holographic” glow finish to enhance the lips.” – DIOR BEAUTY


“New. Matte Glow:
A tinted balm with a velvety, matte finish for a soft blurring effect that enhances lips. Hydrating and nourishing, it has the same Colour Reviver technology to flush the lips a soft pink. Works perfectly as a base with a matte lipstick.” – DIOR BEAUTY

Much to no-ones surprise, I’m sure, I could only say that the three Dior Lip Glow Balms that I have are absolutely stunning in my opinion.

The very versatile shade that is Matte Raspberry offers two looks in one. It is a perfect everyday colour in my opinion; paired with fluttery lashes and a touch of blush, this is a very elegant balm to carry around and wear throughout day-to-day life. On the other hand, however, Matte Raspberry offers a beautiful, saturated punch of colour, which is smooth in appearance, fashion-friendly and also extremely #GirlBoss if I do say so myself! What more could you ask for?

Berry is a much vampier shade in my opinion and one that I certainly had to Google Image Search more than once before purchasing. I really admire the deep berry tones that this product has, as not only does this balm offer a statement lip colour choice but it also offers an extremely comfortable formula which isn’t going to dry your lips out.

Last on this list but certainly not last in terms of favourites is Holo Purple, and it’s fair to say that I am a great admirer of this shade also. Not only is it wearable for everyday life, this shade is also somewhat rather bright and out-going. The subtle purple reflects add fun to this product. Turning it from a beautifully saturated balm to a product with sparkle and imagination!

I love how each one of these three balms has with it, it’s own identity whilst also keeping in line with the products overall comfortable and nourishing properties. Thank you, Dior Beauty for another great product!

Which is your favourite shade, have you tried any of the Dior Lip Glow Balms before? Let me know in the comments below.



Love, Jess


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