The Saharan Eyeshadow Palette by Juvia’s Place (Review)

Juvia’s Place know how to do colour! And this palette is certainly no exception. When I first spotted this beautiful palette on BeautyBay… you know that I HAD to have it. Being as I have never actually tried anything from Juvia’s Place though, I definitely had no idea of what to expect!


*Please note that all swatches have been placed on a clean, dry arm, and applied onto the skin with a clean, dry finger.

L-R: Sokoto • Wodaabe • Bororo • Kia • Zoya • Iman • Jamila • Senegal • Chad • Katsina • Lulu • Fula

As first impressions go, I must tell you that I was very impressed by this palette, although can’t really say that I was all that surprised! For many months prior, all I’ve heard is how amazing Juvia’s Place shadows are, and believe me, all of those people are indeed right!

Not only are the shadows themselves beautifully pigmented and really lovely and saturated in colour but they are also packaged exquisitely in my opinion. The whole Egyptian/ Aztec theme really emphasises the strong, powerful colours inside. I love the outer rich coral red which contrasts with the also bold mint blue. This palette is lightweight, durable yet so Instagram worthy! I am obsessed.

To use, this palette works like a dream. The shadows themselves are of course very pigmented and rich in colour but yet so easy to work with in my opinion. They blend effortlessly; combined with other shades or indeed worn alone. This palette is very versatile. From the strong yellow golds to those incredibly boujee deep burnt reds, this palette has a lot going for it – with a lot of different styles of looks being able to be created because of it also. There is little fallout truth be told, although definitely precautions can be taken if fallout does concern you. I either like to use an undereye shadow pad to catch the fallout OR just simply apply any foundation and concealer afterwards always works a trick!

In all, I would have to tell you all that if this palette is anything to go by then I am a big fan of the Juvia’s Place brand and would certainly like to try other palettes and other shades… maybe even a nice purple-themed shade range next, that would be nice wouldn’t it?

What are your thoughts on this gorgeous eyeshadow palette by Juvia’s Place?


Love, Jess



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