#NEW ByTerry Lash Expert – Twist Brush – Double Effect Mascara (Review)

If you’ve been wondering what mascara everyone’s been raving about lately then look no further because it’s probably this one.

The Lash Expert – Twist Brush – Double Effect Mascara is one of the newer and more affordable products that ByTerry have recently released. Claiming to have an ‘innovative two-step twist custom-brush system’, this mascara is said to give a professional result with ease. Promising length, separation, volume and definition, there is not much more that your ‘thicker and more voluminous lashes’ could ask for…

Since I have seen so many of my favourite influencers online sharing this as their new favourite mascara, you know that I HAD to pick one of these up for myself and with that, share my thoughts on it with you all too!!


So before anything else comes into play, I must tell you that this mascara is very effective, to say the least.

As you can no doubt tell from the pictures within this post, the Lash Expert Mascara by ByTerry gives my lashes volume, definition, length and a gorgeous saturated coating of the rich black formula. My lashes appear separated to a degree, although definitely a little thicker and clumpy. They are bigger, bolder and definitely the style of lash that I enjoy.

The only one downside to this mascara that, of course, I HAVE to share with you all is that I may be allergic to this product’s formula?!

The mascara itself seems to crumble and flake as it is being applied?! Whether this is a fault or not – I don’t quite know because I haven’t actually come across anyone else that has mentioned this about this mascara when testing it out!? The formula for me, however, definitely irritates my eyes, which effectively causes a little bit of discomfort and soreness after a number of hours of wear. The ball-like particles that seem to crumble from this mascara also seem to drop and land around my under eye areas throughout the day, which is definitely not ideal. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I have ever come across a mascara to crumble and flake quite so easily as this one before, which definitely makes me question my love for this mascara and also the ‘need to use’?! Above all though, I love how this mascara looks because my lashes do honestly appear great! If only this mascara didn’t crumble and irritate my eyes, I think that this could be one of my new favourites.


What are your thoughts on this mascara? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Love, Jess


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