#NEW Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (Review)

Here you will find everything that you need to know about the new Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter when used and worn on a drier skin type just like mine.

Here she is! The product that everyone’s been talking about. A revolutionary, customisable, complexion booster ‘for super starlit skin in seconds’. Having the versatility of a primer with the effortless glow of a highlight, this product is said to combine the perfect combination of properties for ‘the ideal digital filter’.

The Ingredients

One surprising ingredient in this liquid-typed product is finely milled powder, and this is described on the Charlotte Tilbury website itself to smoothen pores and lines, as well as encouraging a poreless appearance with a delightful creamy finish. Having a lightweight, moisturising oil too, this product is said to lighten areas of the complexion specifically where you need it most! As well as porcelain extract, which is derived from a Thai flower, the Hollywood Flawless Filter has natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in its ingredients, which claim to enhance microcirculation and also brighten the skin.

Claiming to be appropriate to use both under and over the top of makeup, I have always wanted to try this product out since first hearing that it was going to be released. I, personally really adore brightening and highlighting products – SO, for me – Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter certainly makes a lot of sense.

From wearing and applying this product both under foundation as well as over the top, I have also tested this product out over the top of powdered areas too. As Charlotte Tilbury states this product can be used both during makeup application as well as being used as a ‘top up’ throughout the day, I cannot wait to see how this product not only sits on my skin but also how it naturally wears throughout the typical, bog-standard day!!

Before anything else comes into play, I would just like to clarify that this product is a complexion booster and definitely not a foundation. There seems to be a little bit of confusion online as to the main purpose and description of this product, although please be assured when I say that I would never use this product as a foundation nor recommend anyone to do so either. Yes, this may appear like a fancy bottle of foundation but looks can certainly be deceiving, as this product itself lives amongst all my other highlighters in my own makeup storage!!

As stated by Charlotte herself, this product can literally be used ANYWHERE! 

From under the eyes to all-over the face, you could also most definitely apply this complexion booster on the body too. 

I know that once self-tanned in the summer, I am going to try this product out on top of the shoulders and on my collarbone also, as I feel that this will look amazing!!

The shade: Fair 1 is the perfect almost beige-toned light champagne colour in my opinion. 

From brightening the under eye areas to highlighting the top of my cheekbones, I LITERALLY love to slather this product all-over myself, as it blends beautifully, sits gorgeously on my skin and just gives the most natural yet glowy touch of luminosity that I, personally just blooming ADORE!

Sitting on a naturally drier skin type like mine, I must say that this product has never accentuated my pores nor the fine lines or the darker-hued areas, thank goodness. It simply brightens the skin by adding a natural flush of glow and luminosity to an otherwise really quite dull complexion…

Now, what about powder? Does this product actually sit well over the top of powdered products –

In complete honesty, I could only say that the new Hollywood Flawless Filter (on my personal skin type) does not sit well over the top of any powdered products. From a setting powder to a bronzer and even a powered highlighter the Hollywood Flawless Filter seems to separate and break my makeup down?! My complexion becomes very texturised, which is certainly not a good luck and just really quite clumpy and heavy looking overall. I am not a fan. Over the top of recently blended foundation and concealer, however, this product works beautifully in my opinion. I occasionally like to use this straight after moisturiser and before any foundation for an intense boost of luminosity overall, whilst also adoring how this product works and looks when used like any normal liquid highlighter! It is so versatile.

The large doe-foot wand applicator distributes product perfectly in my opinion. With the smooth and incredibly refined formulation, this product is truly and really quite honestly an absolute dream to both apply and blend! In fact, you could not wish a product to apply and blend any better!? As far as coverage goes, of course, this isn’t a foundation. So technically speaking you are not going to get any kind of coverage from this product. Although, with the pore-refining properties and that  almost blurring technology, I must say that this does give my complexion an ever so slight touch of coverage, which I really enjoy. In terms of wear and durability, I can only tell you that this product does last well. The shade: Fair 1 isn’t, of course, an intense nor heavily pigmented formulation, so you shouldn’t expect anything remotely dramatic from this product. For a natural, sun-kissed flush of luminosity, however, I would happily say that you can count on this!


Love, Jess



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