Pixi by Petra Pat Away Concealing Base (Review on dry skin)

There will always be room in my makeup collection for a new concealer. 

Whether it’s the latest high-end claim to flawless perfect skin or a good ‘old drugstore friendly dupe, I definitely do not mind.

The Pixi by Petra Pat Away Concealing Base is available in just three shades. From No.1 Cream, No.2 Nude and No.3 Warm, this concealer claims to be concentrated yet skin-like. Being described as elastic with a long-wearing formula, this concealer is said to include antioxidant protection!! With a unique finger-sized applicator as well, with extra flocking for added softness and easier blending, this product proudly states to be paraben free as well as thankfully NOT tested on animals!


Since discovering this product in the last two weeks ago, I must tell you that I have literally not used any other concealer apart from this one…

I have really enjoyed the light but creamy formulation of this product. With the large uniquely-sized, doe-foot wand – sponge applicator, this concealer happily applies with ease. It blends easily, sits lovely, and just really lifts, brightens and highlights the under-eye areas exquisitely well in my opinion.

Blended effortlessly with the use of a dampened BeautyBlender, I love how this concealer works for me but also how it sits and appears on my skin type. Often creamy concealers similar to this one can make my under-eyes appear just a little bit too heavy and full. I have a naturally drier skin type, particularly around my t-zone AND this concealer somehow seems to appear as though it is hydrating these areas of my skin without actually physically hydrating these areas of my skin and face. Strange, I know!?

Technically talking, I also don’t HAVE to set this concealer in place, although I do like to bring a lighter eyeshadow down on my lower lash line just to smudge everything together and set it somewhat…

You could simply not wish for a more natural yet so incredibly powerful concealer like this one! Especially with such a lightweight, smooth, and relaxed formula like the Pat Away Concealing Base by Pixi by Petra.

With regards to wear, I would have to say that this concealer doesn’t seem to dramatically crease at all. Of course, there is movement because your face is not still. We blink, we talk, we frown (some more than others) and we react to our surroundings. It is all normal. So with regards to concealer and how this product not only sits on the skin BUT also how it lasts too… I could only say that there is movement but it definitely could be A LOT worse. You can build this concealer. Increase the coverage and intensity but also reapply this concealer as the day goes on!


In all and if you hadn’t of guessed it already, I really really like this product and am so glad that I actually picked this up in Marks & Spencers a couple of weeks ago. I would also happily have to say that I would repurchase this product in the future, and that in itself HAS to speak wonders!!

Love, Jess


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