#NEW Becca Ultimate Coverage 24HR Foundation (Review on dry skin)

The Ultimate Coverage 24HR Foundation by Becca is out BUT what is it really like?! 
Since I am a huge fan of Becca’s First Light Priming Filter, I really wanted to give this new Becca product a try as well.

Described as foundation redefined… I was very excited to pick this new product up from SpaceNK last week. It is said to give the ultimate coverage with a surprisingly weightless and breathable créme formulation. Having a perfectly balanced distribution of both pigment and water at high concentrations, this is said to allow the formula to adapt to all skin types. Lightweight and oil-free this foundation is said to create the effect of second-skin whilst also giving an undetectable, flexible coverage that is natural with a long-wearing finish.

In all, I must say that this foundation sounds very promising. Offering a beautiful full coverage that also sits beautifully on the skin is EXACTLY the style of look that I like to go for nowadays. Since really getting into my skincare lately, I must say that I am now cleansing, toning and exfoliating each and every day, whilst also applying eye cream and face cream twice a day – once before applying any makeup and once after taking any makeup off as well!

So, what can I tell you about this luxuriously packaged glass product?! Other than this is by no means a drugstore foundation.



As first impressions go I must tell you that I was a little disappointed if truth be told because this foundation is rather difficult to blend in my opinion. The formula’s consistency is thick, and suprisingly, not entirely creme like either… It certainly drys quickly too, which, at first, I must say that I was definitely not expecting.

When first trying this foundation out, I distributed it all over my face as I usually would when applying any type of liquid foundation. By the time I had blended over my cheeks, however, the splodges of this foundation on my forehead had definitely dried somewhat and because of this it had became very difficult to blend effectively. I have also noticed that this matte foundation tends to split and almost break down as I try and blend over the top of it once it has dried on the skin. I often really like to go over my entire face with my dampened BeautyBlender at the end of doing my makeup, just to ensure that all the cream contour, the concealer and, of course, the foundation is all blended seamlessly together. With this foundation in use though, I really can’t do this well.

Whether my drier skin type just can’t hack the dry, matte formulation of the Ultimate Coverage 24HR Foundation by Becca, I just don’t know. All I do know is that this foundation feels ridiculously thick and suffocating on my skin. My eyes feel small, tired and almost dragged-down with this foundation in place around them. It is actually pretty horrendous. Undoubtly, however, this foundation LOOKS GOOD! Strange or what?!

 On my complexion my skin appears flawless. With blemishes, deeper pigmented freckles and any darker-hued areas of my complexion more or less vanished, I must say that this foundation definitely looks nice on the skin. It just doesn’t sit or feel that nice in my personal opinion.

I would love to know if you or someone you know has tried this foundation and now love it! I know that I, personally had high hopes for this product BUT unfortunately, this foundation just doesn’t seem to like my naturally drier skin type which is SUCH a shame. When you spend your own money on a foundation like this, believe me, you definitely do not want to dislike it BUT I just can’t say that I will be reaching for this foundation any time soon. Although, I do know that my mum is eager to try this out… so hopefully she will love it and my money will not go to waste.


Love, Jess


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