Weird OR Wonderful?! The BECCA Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder

Is this the answer to perfectly set makeup on a naturally drier skin type?!

The ‘setting powder meets refreshing spray’ Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh by BECCA is described to be an ultra-translucent setting powder that sets makeup for an extended length of wear, whilst also revitalizing the skin with a mist-like effect.

When I first discoverd this product, I must tell you that I was very intrigued by what I saw and read. Having a hydrating setting powder is definitely revolutionary in my opinion, as this would certainly be a game changer for us dry skin type gals!

On my naturally drier and sensitive skin type, I must tell you that unfortunately this product isn’t entirely suited to me.

 The Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder by Becca unfortunately clings, cakes and creases to any dry patches or heavier areas of foundation horrendously. My nose in-particular appears very dehydrated, dull and somehow scaley too?… It doesn’t actually make sense in my opinion, seeing as my skin is freshly moisturised and in a pretty good condition prior to applying this product.

The more strange and most fascinating thing about this BECCA powder, however, is that it does have one of the most mind-boggling but tremendous formulations EVER. Appearing dry, loose and ultra-fine this powder looks like any normal loose setting powder BUT feel this product and you will discover that it actually feels wet… in fact, it almost feels moist if truth be told. It’s SO strange, although I must tell you that I actually really enjoy this factor because it is definitely so different and unusual!

In my overall opinion, I could only say that I am disappointed by this product. Calling itself a ‘Hydra-Mist’, you can see why I thought that this product would work well for my naturally drier skin type, although, unfortunately, this one does not. If you have a normal to combination skin type, however, then I would definitely be intrigued as to how this product would work for you. Especially as the formula is so cooling yet so unique. I just really wish that this product didn’t make my makeup appear cakey, dry and heavy but it does.

Have you tried this product, what are your thoughts?!


Love, Jess


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