GIMMICK OR NOT?! The Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion (Review)

This is the Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion that everyone is talking about.

The ‘first-of-its-kind’; the Iconic London brow cushion could only be described as unique in my opinion. Claiming to have a rich, pigmented formula that is smudge-proof, sweat resistant as well as long-lasting, I cannot wait to see how this product works out!

Iconic London may be a brand that you have heard of before?! Although, perhaps for their famous liquid illuminating drops instead?

Before I go-on to tell you what I think about this product, I must say that the packaging is nice, although nothing overly special as far as I am aware.

I feel for the price point, Iconic London should have refined the appearance of this product somewhat!? Although the small, double-ended brush applicator that is included is superb, I just feel as though the whole feel of this product is just a little too chunky, quite clumsy and a little on the cheaper side.




The formulation of this product, however, is very nice in my opinion. Your brush (or choice of applicator) is able to easily pick up a well saturated and even coating of the smooth formula. From the darker, richer colour to the complimentary lighter shade, this little duo is perfect for achieving ‘that’ gradual style of brow look that is very much on-trend at the moment.

Whether you are in a rush – like a thicker more natural brow OR something a little more defined, I feel as though the Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Brow Cushion is a very versatile and good product to use. It is quick, although precise and effortlessly glides on to the brow area. 

 I, personally always like to start by using this product inside my brows and then work my way outwards – only because a heavier application of this product can appear just a little bit too fake and un-natural for my own liking.


With regards to the ‘need‘ of getting your hands on this product, I, personally think that it is entirely down to the individual…

I know that I am very much enjoying using this product and definitely find it quicker, smoother and easier to use on a regular, daily basis. Although, I also know that I can turn to this product on those more exciting, busier and fuller days too, when I need my brows to look presentable but also last well throughout the rest of the day. I guess I just love using this product. From how effortless it applies with a saturated pigmented formula, to the creamy consistency and streak-free finish. This liquid to cream product covers a large surface area, whilst also enabling precision and a natural finish!! Why it has taken me until now to try this product out, I really don’t know! All I do know is that the Sculpt & Boost Brow Cushion by Iconic London is a keeper!!


Love, Jess


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