Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow ‘Original’ Facial Spray (Review)

The photogenic Prep-Set-Glow hydrating mist by Iconic London is back in-stock! Only this time it’s available in two different sizes!!! A travel-friendly size of 75ml with the already fabulous 120ml full-size bottle.

Ranging from the breathtaking iridescent pink, which is ‘Originalto the sunlit shimmering gold that is called ‘Glow‘, I am very excited to finally have the opportunity to share with you all this truly beautiful Iconic London product!

With light reflecting properties that supposedly leave the skin with an ICONIC glow – this multi-use spray can be used before makeup to prep the skin, as well as on a bare face OR more relatably after makeup to set and finish your look!

Containing extracts of cucumber and chamomile, this 100% vegan mist is enriched with Antioxidants, Green Tea and Vitamin E, which in all help to condition one’s skin. Claiming to leave the skin revitalised and glowing, the Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow is also described to contain caffeine to diminish dark circles around the under eye area!

Arguably, more than just a glow.

This product is truly breathtaking to look at in my opinion. Once shaken (or stirred) the iridescent sandy pink particles combine with the watery mist, allowing one to literally Prep-Set and Glow…

Giving a glowy, dewy finish to the skin, I really admire how the Prep-Set-Glow by Iconic London feels hydrating on the skin yet looks so radiant and healthy in appearance. It brightens the complexion with a veil of radiance whilst also setting my makeup into place. It seamlessly takes away that ‘ultra-powdery’ finish which can sometimes be a problem… whilst my complexion is left appearing smooth, even in texture and really lovely and glowy! I am a fan.

One thing I can for certain, however, is that the spray wouldn’t of been my first choice because it isn’t light nor airy and it certainly packs a punch! Usually, I would have to tell you that I am not a fan of heavy, ‘wet’ facial sprays, although for some reason this one doesn’t really bother me. I have to ensure that my hair is scraped back mind – because it definitely soaks the face. Although, I have got used to using this product, and like to use practically each and every day!?

If you are not a fan of ‘full-on’ wet facial sprays then you should either use this product from a good distance or perhaps just avoid it altogether!?

Arguably, however, I would have to tell you that this is a great product in my opinion, as I am certainly enjoying using this on a daily basis!! From the delightful fresh but floral scent to the glowy and hydrating finish, I would definitely recommend giving this product a try if you have a naturally drier and duller skin type OR you just want an easy to use glowing product for your face & body!


Love, Jess


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