Natasha Denona Contour Sculpting Powder (Review)

The time has finally come.
Many of Natasha Denona’s wonderful products are now available in the UK
– on the Selfridges website and in some of their fabulous stores as well.

Since discovering that Natasha Denona’s makeup products are now available in pounds and in a next day delivery distance that doesn’t include shipping costs or import tax and duties, I had to pick up just a couple of products, to begin with. After all, Natasha Denona is a brand that I have literally always been fascinated by!

The first product that I have to review is Natasha Denona’s Contour Sculpting Powder in the shade 01 light.

This powder is available in four shades and is said to give the complexion a very softly contoured look by enhancing one’s cheekbone structure, adding depth to one’s face, which overall gives a slimming effect.

What can I tell you about this product?! 

Other than it is very beautifully packaged but also very easy to use and travel with as well.

I feel as though a lot of Natasha Denona’s product are packaged rather simply, although they are all very clean and contemporary at the same time. From the level of quality that you also receive with a Natasha Denona product, I feel as though you can respect that thought has definitely gone into the packaging, although it is more about the formula and the actual ‘product’ itself, which I must say, I definitely prefer.

The Contour Sculpting Powder by Natasha Denona has an incredibly soft formulation. You do have to somewhat lift the top layer of this powder with your brush to really get the most out of this product, although this isn’t too much of a problem as far as I am aware. What I have discovered more than anything, however, is just how buildable this product really is. If you are someone who prefers a very soft, almost non-existent contoured look, then this product is ideal for you! Although, if you are someone who wants a very strong, almost bronzey look, then I could only say that this product would take a lot of building to achieve this style of look, as it is naturally very soft and subtle.

The shade 01 light is a little on the tanned side in my personal opinion, which I can’t say I really like!? For me, a contour powder should be more grey-toned and ashy rather than warm… and because of this factor, I just can’t say that this is my complete favourite. Although, 01 light is great for adding a subtle depth to the hollow of one’s cheekbones whilst also warming the complexion just a tad.


Love, Jess


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