Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches & Review)

The time has FINALLY come. I have a Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette in my makeup collection. Dreams can come true.

Give it be that this is the smallest eyeshadow palette that Natasha Denona currently makes, I really do not care. All I do know is that this eyeshadow formulation has been one that I have wanted to try ever since first discovering the Natasha Denona brand.

Before telling you all my deepest darkest thoughts on this tremendously boujee eyeshadow palette. I must say that when first opening this palette and taking it out of the packaging to swatch, I was mesmerised. The finger swatches are unreal. This palette certainly packs a punch. From pan straight to the skin, these eyeshadows are fully pigmented, rich and very very saturated in my opinion.

The size of this petite palette is also ideal. Containing five perfectly sized eyeshadow pans, this is a very travel-friendly palette as far as I can see. It is lightweight, thin yet well-made and clean.

The shadows themselves are stunning, to say the least. They blend beautifully with a gorgeous metallic shimmer finish, I am obsessed. 

Applying one of these eyeshadows straight from the pan to the eyes, however, you would think that this palette is overwhelmingly impressive. Although, I couldn’t actually say that it is. If you apply one of the beautiful shimmer shades to your eyes with your finger THEN yes you have a winner. If you take a flat shader brush or any kind of makeup brush now I come to mention it – wet or dry – you are going to be disappointed. For some reason, the shadows in this palette are not well pigmented when applied with a brush. In fact, they could be a completely different shadow from one that you have just applied with your finger. It is so strange.

(Applied with clean, dry finger)

Application aside, I must tell you that I just blooming adore this palette. From the dusky matte taupe shade to the four stunning shimmers, the 02 palette is just my cup of tea.

The shades or should I say shimmers in-particular can be worn together or completely separate and alone. You can sweep one over the lid with a brush for a very light and subtle hint of sparkle and colour OR apply directly to the lid with your finger for a pigmented, rich veil of colour. This eyeshadow palette is surprisingly very versatile. 

One thing I have to mention about the shades in this palette, however, is how they actually work together because I wouldn’t actually say that you can truly create a full-glam, polished look with only the shades from this one palette alone. With each shimmer shade being a very strong colour in its own right, I just feel a little weird about working these all together. I feel as though as few complementary mattes would work well when applied with just one of these shimmers alone, although, this is just my personal preference.

Does the price of this palette reflect the quality?! Well…hmmm perhaps not.

If truth be told, I genuinely like this palette and am SO glad to actually have it in my collection, although I just can’t say that anyone should financially bankrupt themselves just to own it. I can completely respect that Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes usually retail for a lot of money BUT considering the fact that the shadows in this palette in-particular have to be applied with one’s finger, I just can’t help but feel a little disappointed.


Love, Jess


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