#NEW Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color Lipstick (Review)

The latest lippie to become apart of my ‘ever-growing’ lipstick collection is the Bobbi Brown Crush Lip Color, in the shade: Lilac.

The Crush Lip Color collection by Bobbi Brown claims to be the makeup brands ‘most wearable (lipstick) formula yet’. Containing crushed pigments and ‘lip-loving’ ingredients, I cannot wait to see if this ‘lipstick meets balm’ formula really applies exactly how Bobbi Brown states.

Before saying anything about the formula of this lipstick, I want to tell you that the packaging of this product is something really quite special.

Owning a lot of lipsticks myself, I know how frustrating it can be to find the appropriate shade of lip product that you really want… The fact that this lipstick collection has a coloured band representing its shade, however, is something really quite satisfying and revolutionary in my opinion.

Regardless of this, however, I want to tell you that this lipstick definitely has a balm-like consistency, true to how Bobbi Brown have described it!

This lipstick applies effortlessly, with very little pressure and also packs quite a punch of pigmentation which is actually really quite nice to see. It doesn’t last entirely throughout the typical day, especially when eating and drinking but who can really blame this product!? After all, it has never stated to be long-wearing.


Overall, I must tell you that this smooth formulated lipstick is one of my current obsessions. I love using this product throughout the typical day because of its moisturising and comfortable properties. It looks beautiful paired with a neutral lip liner, although definitely works great on its own. Since discovering just how wearable and lovely this product is to both apply and wear, I would love to check out the rest of the collection and the other shades!!


Love, Jess


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