#NEW Origins Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb (Review on dry skin)

I fell into temptation again, didn’t I?!

Any product that claims to prepare and prime the skin by leaving it fresh in appearance, pore-perfected, and soft and glowy is going to be a product that I want to try! I have a naturally dry, sensitive skin type that often reacts and breaks out to skincare and makeup products. With the active ingredient of Willowherb, however, I am very interested to see how the Origins Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer works for me.

Before use, you must ensure that you really shake this product up!! After pressing the pump-like applicator firmly, however, you will find the ‘cooling mousse’ on the back of your hand. I often like to apply this primer in stages if truth be told, just because of its foam-like consistency. This primer seems to melt as it sits on the skin for a little while – before actually being blended in, so I would definitely recommend applying this primer in stages on the face to avoid excess product being used and therefore wastage.

The formulation of the Origins Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer is very interesting in my opinion. 

It is soft, smooth yet surprisingly thick and turns to a cream once blending has begun.

I really like how the very cooling, almost tingling consistency of this primer feels on my skin. It is refreshing but pleasant, and a great product to use when the weather is a little on the warmer side. 

This primer covers and melts into the skin beautifully in my opinion. The moussey, foam consistency blends out to a thick cream – reaching all areas of the face effortlessly, I think that this is a nice product to use, particularly if you are in a rush. It leaves a somewhat thicker texture on your skin, creating an ideal smooth base for your chosen foundation. Even though this primer may not ‘perfect’ my pores flawlessly, I really like how this product enhances my skins natural texture, allowing foundation to apply much more evenly overall.

As to the finish of this primer, I could only say that it is nice.

I don’t feel as though the Origins Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb actually ‘perfects’ my pores, although I really like how this product sits on my skin! It has a gorgeous natural yet somewhat floral scent which definitely adds to the experience of using this product. Happily, this primer does not break me out either, which I must tell you is great to know! I can use this primer with confidence, and even though I can’t say that it makes that much of a difference to the physical appearance of one’s skin, I love how this product works – how it applies, what it smells like, and most importantly how it actually feels on my skin type! I wouldn’t personally repurchase this product in the future because I don’t think that it is worth its hefty price tag, although I am going to enjoy using this product until it’s empty!


Love, Jess


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