#NEW YSL The Curler Mascara (Review)

Have you heard? YSL has made a new mascara…

The Curler‘ mascara by Yves Saint Laurent claims to give one’s natural lashes the appearance of clean volume with a curved length. The cleverly designed ‘curved wand applicator’ is said to reach the lashes more precisely – lifting from the root, you should achieve an effortless fluttery lash effect when using this product!

Before anything else, I must tell you that I adore the packaging of this product. From the soft, metallic pink exterior to the hot pink wand itself, I really admire what the YSL design team have achieved here!

More unusually, however, there is also a light perfumed scent to the formulation of this mascara, which I can’t say I have ever come across before!! It is a luxurious product, to say the least. A mascara that is boujee, although special never the less.

The Curler‘ mascara itself is a really nice product in my opinion. From the large, elegant curved wand applicator – I must tell you that you are able to really push this mascara into the roots of your lashes, although you WILL get transfer… so just be prepared.

By pushing this mascara into the roots of your lashes you will end up with a very elegant lifted lash effect, and because of the shape of this products wand applicator – this allows you to really hug your lashes and define the natural shape of your lash line

The black formulation is deep, saturated but also lovely and creamy. It is a mascara that I can’t say I have ever known to crumble and breakdown, although it can make one’s lashes appear just a little clumped and untidy. I, personally really like the heavier appearance of mascara. When one’s lashes are weighed down with a good coating of a rich, black formulation… and when one’s lashes appear thick, clumpy and volumised. Although, I must tell you that in parts, this mascara can look just a little on the crispy side. I could not reapply this product after a number of hours of wear, as my lashes are well and truly dried down completely.

Regardless of this, however, I just LOVE the effect that this mascara gives and how it wears on my lashes!!

Take it as a positive or a negative – whichever way you want to look at it – this mascara takes quite a bit of elbow grease to budge. It is stubborn, although removable without rubbing at your eyes and making them sore. I have linked the makeup remover that I, personally use below – and find that together these two products work a treat. I know it can be difficult to remove a stubborn mascara, especially if you have sensitive eyes – just like I do. Although, believe me – investing in a good makeup remover is a game changer and certainly worth the investment in my opinion.


Love, Jess


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