*NEW* Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Kit (Review)

If you know me or are a reader of my blog then you should know that I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury products…

I adore her mascaras, many shades of her wonderful lipsticks and the Cheek to Chic blusher (in the shade: sex on fire) is… ‘oh my goodness‘ a game changer!! I love it.

After discovering that Charlotte was set to release a brand new product – I literally could not quite believe my luck, and just knew that I had to get my hands on this newbie more or less straight of the way! Admit-tingly, I must tell you that I did believe this to be a powdered blush duo, to begin with, although, once discovering that it is, in fact, a cream formulation, I must tell you that I was still very intrigued to get my hands on this product and see what it is all about!!

In my opinion, the packaging is luxurious, classy and very ‘Charlotte Tilbury esk’! The pairing brush is petite, small in size yet chubby in appearance. There is an interesting feel to this product, one that I feel I should adore. It is different, unique? and not a product that I can actually say I have ever come across or used before. But whilst the Pretty Youth Glow Filter intrigues me, I must say that I don’t actually understand this product or, in fact, it’s purpose!?

TOP: highlight / Bottom: blush

The smooth balm-like – cream formulation melts with the warmth of one’s fingers. Both shades, together or separate appear quite nice on the skin, although, with such little pigmentation, I honestly don’t see the point?! Applied with the pairing brush, however, I can’t say that the formula of these creams actually works for my skin type…

The brush itself seems to separate my previously applied foundation. With extremely dense bristles – this brush literally removes areas of foundation, resulting with my base appearing patchy, uneven and dry.

The pinkier blush shade is light, soft, and subtle. It has very little pigmentation, which perhaps is a good thing?! Although, I can’t actually say that I enjoy having to build and layer this product up just as much as it requires. The soft pink-toned illuminating shade, on the other hand, is VERY VERY subtle… there is no intensity to this highlighter, it is actually rather bland in my opinion.

Is this product one that I would consider to be a necessity?! Well, no to be honest with you, I can’t say that it is at all. 
Although, if you are a minimal kind of makeup gal… then ‘who knows’, maybe this could work for you?! I feel as though this product would appear best when applied onto completely fresh skin. With no foundation, a little concealer perhaps, although, other than that, a very fresh and natural look indeed.


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Love, Jess


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