*NEW* Dior Backstage Makeup Collection – Review & Swatches

Straight off the catwalk;
The new Dior Backstage makeup collection is here…

Combining a “professional and adjustable” array of different formulations with stunning packaging… I literally cannot wait to see what the new Dior Backstage collection is really all about! Ever since Peter Philips (who is the Creative & Image Director for Dior Makeup) joined the team, the brand has blossomed! Their eyeshadows are now pigmented, as well as smooth and blendable. I am really looking forward to seeing how this new collection works, and most importantly, how it performs.

Face & Body Foundation

(Shade: 0N)
Coverage: Light – Medium

Ranging from a breathtaking collection of 40 shades, the new Face & Body Foundation is described as a Dior makeup artist’s secret weapon!

In my opinion, I would have to say that the plastic styled packaging is actually pretty luxurious… as well as also being ideal for travel! The nozzle-like applicator is super easy and consumer-friendly… You can apply this foundation in a number of different ways, whilst also keeping it super clean and sanitary – which is great considering that the theme of this collection is all about makeup being applied backstage at a super hectic and chaotic show!

The Face & Body Foundation by Dior has a lovely, smooth formula in my opinion, and whilst it blends out seamlessly, I think this product is very flattering on the skin, whilst also being a great foundation to wear in a humid climate. 

Although Dior states that this foundation is ideal for every skin type, I must say that unfortunately, I do not entirely agree with this statement.
If my drier skin type is feeling a little sorry for itself – this foundation will emphasise those drier areas around my nose, in between my eyebrows and occasionally around my under eye areas too. 

Throughout wear though, I must say that this foundation looks good! Even if it does appear a little on the heavier and drier side when first applied – as the day goes on – my skin can appear radiant! Fresh and really nice and healthy, I like it!

Note – The lightest shade of the Diorskin Forever Undercover Concealer (010) does not match the lightest shade of the Face & Body Foundation (0N) ?! 

Why Dior?! I don’t get it!

Contour Palette

Shade: 001 Universal

Have you ever seen a perspex acrylic, see-through styled packaging to appear THIS glam before? Because honestly, I highly doubt it!

The ‘universal’ Contour Palette in the Backstage collection is literally ‘one of a kind’ because Dior has only released the one shade, which is fitting (I guess) for a ‘backstage’ themed collection, although not always ideal because ‘one size does definitely not fit all’. 

What I also don’t understand, however, is why in a contour palette, Dior has included two ‘highlighter’ shades WHEN they have also released a ‘glow’ palette in the same collection? Surely four different contour shades would be more fitting in a ‘contour palette’?! Besides this, the two highlighter shades included are far too tanned and orange-toned for a fairer skin tone just like mine…

The contour powders, on the other hand, are alright. Don’t get me wrong, they are not awful but then at the same time they are not overly special in my opinion. I much prefer my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette if truth be told.

Face Glow Palette

Shade: 001 Universal

YES! Dior has done it.
They have created a truly blinding highlighter that blends seamlessly and doesn’t emphasise texture on the skin. 

I am obsessed with the white strobe shade from this palette. 

The formulation is smooth, creamy yet still a powder?! The consistency is soft, buttery but also silky-like too. They are crumbly and because of this they can break, so please be careful! Other than this though, I love this product! I love the shade range, the finish that these highlighters give to my skin and the versatility of the shade range also… it is a keeper and by far my favourite product out of this entire collection!

Eye Palette

Shade: 002 Cool Neutrals

Deciding between this palette and the warmer shade range was difficult, believe me! I am a sucker for both warm and cool-toned shadows, although there is just something about the Cool Neutrals palette from this collection that got me…

I adore the shimmer mauve-toned shades within this palette. They are super flattering, pigmented and really simple and easy to use, you couldn’t wish for anything better. The matte shades are soft, buttery and do kick-up in the pan, although, they don’t give much fallout, which is actually quite surprising.

This is a handy palette to have in one’s collection – particularly if you do like to travel and create eye looks of this nature! This palette is versatile to a degree, although, there is no highlight shade for under the brows or for those inner corners… which is definitely worth baring in mind.

Brow Palette

Shade: 002 Dark

If you are a follower of Jellybluesblog then you may know already that I am a huge fan of the Diorshow Brow Styler pencil…
So, when I found out that Dior had created a brow palette, you can only imagine how excited I was!

This cute little trio includes two shades of brow powder – one lighter and one darker shade, as well as a wax.

Now waxes aren’t something that I, personally use – so I can’t actually tell you if this is a good one or a bad one. Although, I can tell you that the brow powders themselves are nice. They are very rich and very pigmented, so a little really does go a long way. Although this is a nice little brow palette to own in my opinion, I must also say that it isn’t anything overly special, as I still feel that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo is a winner!

Overall, I could only say that I am a fan of the new Backstage Collection by Dior! There are some winners and a few products that perhaps need a little tweaking. Although, not everyone is going to like the same things, and I think that that is one very important thing to remember. If I was to recommend just ONE product from this entire collection, then I would HAVE to suggest the Glow Face Palette because the highlighters are magical. Truly.

Shop the Full Dior Backstage Collection

Love, Jess


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