NEW FAVOURITE?! The Violet Voss Hashtag Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

Isn’t she a stunner?!

With warm sunset-themed shadows and vibrant plum-toned purples, I must tell you that I am very excited to try the Violet Voss Hashtag eyeshadow palette out.

Infused with jojoba oil; the formulation of these shadows is said to nourish and moisturise the skin, whilst also delivering a vibrant pop of colour with a soft and flawless finish.

Combining both shimmers and mattes together, the Hashtag palette is the perfect product to turn to for when you want an intense pop of colour with added texture and dimension too.

Since purchasing and receiving this palette through the post a week or so ago, I would have to tell you that I have LITERALLY not stopped using it! I am obsessed

Whether a single flush of orange is the style of look that I am hoping to achieve OR actually I want something much more intense and dramatic… I am confident that this palette alone will deliver!!

The matte shadows are pigmented… the shimmers are buildable, and altogether this palette offers a buttery, easily blendable formulation that really does offer a truly wonderful thing to the eye area in my opinion.

I love how smooth these shadows are. From their versatile formula that allows you to combine and layer both mattes with shimmers together, you are able to create a much more unique style of look with this one palette alone.

Overall, I could only tell you that I am currently OBSESSED with my new investment.

It allows one to create both day looks and evening looks with very little effort and with that, time. 

What more could one want?! I respect how pigmented the Violet Voss eyeshadow formulation is, as it doesn’t give much fallout either! Since using this palette also, I must tell you that I am hoping to try other eyeshadow shades by Violet Voss in the near future, as I expect to love them just as much!!!


Love, Jess



  1. 15/07/2018 / 21:49

    Interesting! great photos. I only have the Like A Boss palette by Violet Voss. I had my eye on the Flamingo palette but I have heard mixed reviews so I am holding off on that one. The Hashtag palette does have a very interesting colour story!


    • jellybluesblog
      16/07/2018 / 14:24

      Oh wow! The Flamingo palette is colourful isn’t it?! I’d never heard of it before. Out of all of Violet Voss’s palette I would have to say that the Hashtag palette definitely stands out to me the most, as I am a sucker for purple shadows!! OX

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