Life Update: My First Tattoo

Do you like tattoos?! A controversial question perhaps.
For me, tattoos are an art form. They allow one to express themselves, and that is something that I actually greatly admire and really appreciate.

At the age of 23, it has taken me a little while to get my first tattoo. From my parents not being entirely convinced – to me not actually knowing what to get tattooed on my body… I am so incredibly happy that I waited until now to get my first tattoo. 

From the design to the colouring and the tattoo artist herself, my first tattoo was a great experience and one that I could not wish to have gone any better.

(Colouring & Lighting Edited)

The design.
When deciding on the design of my first tattoo, it is fair to say that sizing played a vital role! I didn’t want anything too big but then (at the same time) I didn’t want something tiny or irrelevant either.

One thing that I have definitely discovered when planning my first tattoo, however, is that there are so many different artists out there and with that, picking the right artist for you is one of the most important things! I went to so many different tattoo parlours, spoke to so many different tattoo artists but unfortunately, none of them were right for me. It was only until I was actually in town with my best friend that she told me about the tattoo parlour that she goes to herself. At the time, I was completely unaware of this parlour in-particular BUT there found Chloe! The loveliest, friendliest artist that just so happens to specialise in tattoo designs of the nature that I wanted!!

On the morning of getting my first tattoo, I was excited. A little nervous perhaps and concerned about how much it would hurt, although, definitely excited to get the tattoo that I had been planning, searching for and waiting for, for such a long time.

(Approx 3hr after getting tattoo)

To begin with, Chloe prepared everything that she would need. She sanitised the bed that I would be laying on, the armrest, all of her equipment – she got all of the ink colours ready and then prepped my skin ready for the tattoo itself. Immediately, I felt very at ease, calm and comfortable with everything that was happening. Chloe explained everything to me, from what she was doing to what was going to happen.

As to the pain… “what was I worried about?”

Yes, getting a tattoo is a little uncomfortable… painful perhaps in certain areas BUT literally nothing to get yourself in a state over! To me, getting my tattoo just felt a little scratchy… but a tolerable scratchy if you know what I mean?

As the skin is broken in the first few stages of getting the tattoo, Chloe was able to smooth over some sort of numbing cream into my skin. To be honest with you, I was scared about getting this tattoo BUT whilst actually getting it done, I was ABSOLUTELY fine and now wouldn’t be concerned in the slightest about ever going for a second… (not that I’m planning on one anytime soon anyway).

(Approx 3hr after getting tattoo)

My tattoo took around 2 hours to physically get done (?) I arrived at 11am and left around 2pm but in that time, Chloe set up, prepared my skin, sanitised and stamped the stencil for the placement of my tattoo onto the side of my arm twice. The whole experience felt very calm and relaxed. Chloe never seemed to be in a rush OR act as though we needed to be finished by a certain time… 

Therefore, I would highly recommend Black Market Tattoo in Leicester.

(Approx 4hr after getting tattoo)

The following day of getting my new tattoo, my arm felt a little sore.

The tattoo itself had wept a little, formed a light scab over the top but otherwise looked and felt absolutely fine. One thing that I would definitely say, however, is that leaving your new tattoo alone is KEY! You should not touch your new tattoo, allow others to touch the area OR in fact, scratch the area at all! Even if it does feel a little itchy.

Each day I lightly washed the area of my new tattoo with warm water, and then applied a liberal amount of the tattoo aftercare that I’d purchased from Chloe. After around a week I did go on to wash my tattoo lightly with ‘Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser’ and warm water also. Ensuring that my hands were always freshly washed before touching the tattoo and that it had also been allowed to air dry for at least 10 minutes before applying the following aftercare balm each time.

After 2 weeks, I did feel the need to arrange a ‘touch up’ appointment with Chloe, as areas were a little faded and patchy. The ‘touch up’ session literally took around 15 minutes and after I was left with a fresh and very beautiful tattoo that I am now so incredibly happy with!

(Approx 5hr after ‘touch up’ session)
(Tattoo 22 days old)

It has now been just under six weeks since first getting my new tattoo. It has healed lovely. Appears perfect, and honestly I am so incredibly happy with it.

I will leave Chloe’s details below for anyone who is interested…

Black Market Tattoo, Leicester

Chloe Candela
Instagram – @pudding_baby
Email –

(Tattoo 48 days old)


Love, Jess

Things I’ve learnt from getting my first tattoo

You should:
• Clean your new tattoo regularly (limit to twice/three times a day).
• Hydrate the area of your new tattoo by applying a liberal amount of tattoo aftercare balm OR coconut oil twice/three times a day. After the tattoo has been cleaned and allowed to air dry for at least 10 minutes.
• Apply coconut oil/ tattoo aftercare balm before going to bed.

If you need to go make a ‘touch up’ appointment with your tattoo artist.
Touch up sessions are completely normal and very common.

You should avoid:
• Touching the tattoo.
• Allowing others to touch your new tattoo.
• Scratching the area.
• Do not shave over your new tattoo. Until healed.
• Do not apply creams, lotions or fake tan over your new tattoo.
• Do not pick at your new tattoo – or pull any loose scabs off.
(Scabs will fall off naturally themselves when they are ready).


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