*NEW* Imogenation X Revolution Collaboration! (Swatches, Makeup Look & Review)

Revolution has done it yet again. They have collaborated with a YouTuber.

Imogen Hudson OR “Imogenation” as she is also known over on YouTube has recently collaborated with the amazing drugstore brand that is Revolution. Releasing TWO palettes; Revolution has a brand new eyeshadow palette to add to their ever-growing makeup line, as well as a gorgeous, nine-pan highlight and contour palette…

For the record, I would also just like to say that I really enjoy watching most of Imogen’s videos – from her vlogs to her hauls, I knew that I wanted to get my hands on these two palettes as soon as I saw them!

The Packaging

Isn’t the packaging fab?! I love the iridescent, holographic lilac purple colouring that Imogen has chosen for both of these palettes. Purple is one of my favourite colours when it comes to makeup – so this is definitely up there as one of my favourite packaging designs!! Certainly from Revolution’s makeup line!

Highlight to the Moon

The NEW nine-pan highlight & contour palette by Revolution is versatile in my opinion, although just slightly more suited to a tanned, more olive skin-tone to be honest with you. Obviously, Imogen herself is lovely and tanned, so the shade range and the warmer undertones are definitely understandable. I just have to be a little lighter handed when reaching for any of the darker contour shades within this palette!!

Out of all of the powders within this palette, I must say that Pretty Heart is one of my favourites! It sits beautifully on a drier skin type just like mine, whilst also allowing one to set and brighten one’s complexion. I definitely like how this powder looks, as it doesn’t accentuate any fine lines around my under eye areas, whilst it also doesn’t enhance the larger pores or appear heavy and cakey either.

Overall, I must say that the Highlight to the Moon palette features a lovely array of powders. From some soft and delicate brightening powders to a good array of contour shades, there are also four highlight shades within this palette! The powders themselves are soft, smooth and very well pigmented for a palette of this price. I am very impressed so far!

The Eyeshadow Palette

From a summer-themed eye look to something more everyday and neutral – you can also create something a little more dark, dusky and smokey with the use of this palette…

With a soft and almost buttery formulation, I must say that the shadows within this palette apply really quite easily and with that blend out lovely and flawless too. The darker shades, like Imagine for example can loose a little of their pigmentation the more you blend, although this can easily be fixed by just layering and working with the shadow itself.

To sum everything up, I would have to say that both the eyeshadow palette and the new Highlight to the Moon palette are excellent products in my opinion. For whether you have just started out with makeup – are on a budget OR actually just like to collect and try a varied range of products on a regular basis, I would definitely recommend heading into Superdrug and maybe picking these two products up or at least giving them a try in-store!

With a great formulation that is pigmented and really easy to apply and work with, I would have no hesitation in saying that Revolution is an amazing brand and one that always offers quality at a fair and affordable price.



Love, Jess


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  1. 29/08/2018 / 11:29

    I made a beauty revolution order the other day but I made myself resist buying these palettes as I am such a palette hoarder and I have so many that they often get ignored so I had to be a good girl and not get them even though they look so good! x


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