*NEW SHADES* Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation (Review on dry skin)

It’s been a while since I have tested out a new foundation.

With the same formulation to the existing Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation – it gives me great pleasure to say that Smashbox has recently expanded by releasing a bunch of new shades – giving the Studio Skin 15HR Wear Hydrating Foundation an impressive NEW 40 shade range!! Claiming to also be proven to last for 24 hours, I am very excited to see how this foundation will perform for me and my drier skin type!

Before anything else comes into play, I must say that this foundation has a thick formulation with a very dominant gel-like consistency in my opinion. Often gel-based foundations are my prefered formulation of choice, however, this one is VERY gel-like and because of this, just a little more challenging to blend as far as I am aware. I feel as though this foundation applies and blends easier with the use of a BeautyBlender, although, the matching Smashbox Full Coverage Foundation Brush does help to spread this foundation into place. With just the foundation brush, however, I do find that this foundation will appear patchy and just a little too texturised for my own liking. So a BeautyBlender is key!



Shade: 0.5 / Applied & blended with BeautyBlender

As far as the coverage goes, what can I say?
This foundation is buildable – although, the more you blend the heavier and richer your base will appear. With just 2-3 pumps, however, a light-medium coverage is achievable. Your complexion will appear even, smoother in appearance, although blemishes and freckles are still visible. My skin always looks dewy when wearing this foundation. Whether it is down to the gel formulation or not… MY complexion has a glossy look to it!?

One thing that is peculiar, however, is that this “hydrating” foundation is actually a little drying for my skin type?! It is nice, don’t get me wrong – the coverage and finish is lovely – however, this is not a foundation that I would ever categorise as “hydrating” in the slightest. Whether it is actually injecting hydration and moisture into my skin, I’m not quite sure because it certainly doesn’t feel or look that way to me. I just feel as though a normal to combination skin type may suit this foundation a whole lot better. Which is strange, isn’t it?!


Love, Jess


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