*NEW* Urban Decay BORN TO RUN Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

Makeup brands are currently killing it!! From the new Norvina eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills to the new Tutti Frutti collection that was released by TooFaced just the other day – it is fair to say that there are a lot of new product releases lately and with that, a bunch of launch dates that are definitely keeping me on my toes!

A recent product to have been released by Urban Decay is the BORN TO RUN eyeshadow palette –

All over Instagram, YouTube… Twitter and probably even Pinterest too, the new BORN TO RUN palette has gained a lot of attention lately for the unique and very differently styled design of packaging that it has.

The palette features 21 glorious shadows. From a versatile collection of mattes to then a few shimmers as well, you can also find a small array of metallic/ foiled effect shadows in this palette too!

The packaging of this palette is very different in design to any other current Urban Decay product! It is bright, photogenic and very photoshop savvy! Although, not a palette design that we are probably all that familiar with because often colour is key. However, with this palette, it would appear that photography is the overall theme and style.


The new BORN TO RUN eyeshadow palette includes a shade range that is bright, colourful and definitely one that I would consider more everyday daring! If you are someone who is used to playing with makeup – from using colour and wearing glittery greens on the odd occasion too, then this palette could be for you!? Although, if you are someone who only applies maybe one to two soft, neutral shades to your eyes each and every day then this palette may be worth staying clear off… as it may not be entirely all that financially beneficial.

Like any other Urban Decay eyeshadow that I have personally ever tried the shadows within this palette are pigmented and very smooth in texture. There is a decent array of both shimmers and mattes in this palette, although not a huge collection of transitional, more neutral shades in my opinion. Once softly blended out, however, I feel as though a few of the shades within this palette can appear a little patchy. Particularly in the crease and around the mobile lid. With a clean, fluffy blending brush, however, you are able to easily rectify many blending mishaps that we all so easily do every now and then.

Overall, I could only say that this is a nice palette in my opinion. It is one that I would definitely recommend to go and try out in-stores – by swatching a few of the different shades and the different finishes too. To be entirely honest with you all though, I must say that this isn’t my favourite Urban Decay eyeshadow palette that the brand has ever created, as the NAKED Heat palette still remains the winner for me!!


Love, Jess


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