The FIRST 3D Printed Brush Mascara by Chanel (Review)

It was only a matter of time before the wonders of technology and the creativity of makeup combined together to create something truly quite wonderful and unique.

Recently, Chanel released “Le Volume Révolution De Chanel“, which is the first mascara to have a 3D printed brush!!

I was actually lucky enough to have been sent a small sample of this mascara in a recent Harvey Nics order that I made –
*although, I have since purchased the full-size version from Chanel since writing this review.

With a unique “honeycomb structure” the innovative 3D printed brush is said to disperse an even coating of the “patented” – “richly pigmented” formula to your lashes – in as little as just one stroke – and with a clump-free application as well! 

Combining a blend of rice wax and beeswax, this mascara is said to have a supple texture that happily coats and thickens your lashes, whilst the pro-vitamins strengthen and the polymer-film keeps your lashes in place until makeup removal later on within the same day. Lashes are said to appear with an “extreme volume” after applying this mascara. You can wear this mascara as a contact lens wearer OR even if you’re totally not, of course.

I have never had the opportunity to try a Chanel mascara out before – so I must tell you that I am really looking forward to giving this product a go but am also completely unaware of what I may discover at the same time.

WOW! What can I say other than I am so tremendously impressed by this product.

I love the smooth yet richly-saturated formulation that the Le Volume Révolution De Chanel has.

It coats the lashes beautifully, and with that, clings onto each lash with very little effort indeed. You can comfortably and easily build the intensity of this mascara up too by working with the layers and applying more and more. if you see fit. Although, there isn’t always a lot of need to keep on applying this mascara, as it looks great pretty much straight of the way in my opinion. I also find this mascara to work best once the first layer of product has sat on my lashes for a few seconds and semi-dried – this isn’t always a compulsory step I grant you – although, a second and third layer of product always seems to sit better in my opinion.

Chanel claims that this mascara will apply “clump-free” – although, I would have to tell you that I definitely do not agree with this statement. When a mascara thickens, volumises and also lengthens one’s natural lashes, how can the formula also be ‘clump-free’? Either way though, I would have to say that this mascara is not “clump-free” in my opinion and I am totally okay with that!

Overall, I must tell you that I am LITERALLY obsessed with this new product AND *will be picking up a full-size version of this mascara when I am next near a Chanel Beauty counter. I love how this mascara looks on my lashes from the volume to the length, I am very impressed by just how thickening this mascara appears. It is smooth, it is saturated and very comfortable to wear…
I am in love with the new Le Volume Révolution De Chanel.


Love, Jess


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