*NEW* Benefit Brow Contour Pro (Review)

Say hello to the new Benefit Brow Contour Pro.

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The Benefit Brow Contour Pro comes in five shades - Blonde Light, Brown Light, Brown Medium, Brown Black/ Light, and finally Brown Black/ Deep. Although, one very important thing to take into consideration is that Brown Light and Brown Medium are actually identical shades when it comes to the brow products themselves. Light and Medium define the shades of the matte concealer and the highlighter NOT the brow products that are included.

The Brow Contour Pro contains four individual products. Inside the fun 90's style packaging you have both a light brow pencil and a dark brow pencil - which you can use to create a more natural gradient effect when filling in your eyebrows. There is also a matte concealer in this product as well a matte highlighter, and these two can be used for cleaning up any mistakes and maybe defining one's brow arch too?

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At the Benefit beauty counter in Debenhams, I was matched to the shade: Brown Light. I am naturally a brunette, although my hair is dyed light blonde... resulting in an ombré effect. My complexion is fair with a soft peach undertone - so, personally, I must say that I am very happy with this shade match!

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In all, I would have to tell you that I like this product. It has a fun style of packaging that takes me right back to my childhood, although I wouldn't want this style of packaging for all of my other makeup products because it is a little bit gimmicky in all honesty. I suppose one of the positives to this 4-in-1 product is space and weight! You could happily take the Benefit Brow Contour Pro away travelling with you and literally be good-to-go. Alternatively, chuck this in your handbag to keep your brow game strong whilst your at work or simply just out of the house.

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Both the light and dark brow pencils in the Benefit Brow Contour Pro are creamy. They are pigmented and also really quite smooth in both consistency and texture in my opinion. I like the shape of the pencils themselves, although after a certain amount of usage - their shape is going to be a little blunt, which is something that you may want to consider. Depending on how you like to fill in and shape your brows, will determine if both the concealer and highlighter would be of any importance to you. I don't often use concealer to clean around the shape of my brows, as I often prefer quite a natural, unpolished brow look. Although, for reference, both the matte concealer and the matte highlighter have come in handy on more than one occasion, so take of that what you will. One other thing that I would certainly suggest is that this product should have come with a brow brush... otherwise known as a spoolie. I, personally find it very difficult to fill in my brows without the use of a spoolie, so it is a shame that Benefit didn't take this vital tool into consideration when creating the Brow Contour Pro.

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Love Jess


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