*NEW* Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer (Review on dry skin)

Charlotte’s famous “magic” makeup line is growing!! From her award-winning moisturiser to the magic foundation, the collection now includes a new liquid concealer and Charlotte Tilbury’s FIRST loose powder for under the eyes and over the face!

Following the famous soft gold – luxurious style of packaging that Charlotte always likes to go for, I must say that I am a huge fan of the overall look and feel of this product. It has a large viewing window, allowing you to see the formula itself but also keep an eye on how much product you are actually using. 

The sponge (or applicator as it is also known) is a little messy if truth be told – particularly if you do like to twist and load more concealer into the sponge than actually necessary. Otherwise, I must tell you that I really like the pointed sponge applicator that this concealer has.

To be fair, the sponge may not be the most sanitary of applicators to use but just as long as you use this product responsibly (i.e. avoid direct contact with blemishes, breakouts and spots) you shouldn’t find a problem. Although, you should definitely NEVER share this product with anyone else!!

Shade: 1 Fair

Shade: 1 Fair

On my naturally dry skin type, I would have to tell you that this concealer does crease around my under eye area!! It is a concealer that I would say needs setting. Although, powders can separate this concealer and enhance a drier, heavier skin texture.

In all honesty, I would have to tell you that this concealer isn’t one of my favourites… I really admire the packaging and the soft, squidgy sponge applicator that this product has. Otherwise, however, I must tell you that this concealer does not blow me away with excitement. 

I like the very natural – lifted and brightened look that this concealer adds to my complexion but the formula is a little tricky to work with in my opinion because it is a concealer that sits just a little heavier and richer on the skin, meaning that it will crease and sit in any of those finer lines. 


Love Jess


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