*NEW* Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder (Review on dry skin)

Charlotte Tilbury has finally jumped on the bandwagon by releasing a brand new loose powder!!

The “Magic Powder” for under the eyes and over the face is said to blur imperfections – visibly reduce the appearance of dull, dark shadows, whilst also boosting radiance with a mattified effect for smoother-looking skin overall.

This “soft-focusing, light diffusing loose powder” contains bio-compatible silky mica and the mica has actually been treated with amino acid, which basically helps this product to feel super-silky in texture and therefore super smooth and skin-like on your complexion.

Since I do have a naturally drier skin type, I must begin by telling you that powders – whether that be pressed, loose or otherwise are a type of product that I do have to be careful with when using. Like foundations can appear heavy and cakey on the skin – powders can enhance a drier skin type, separate different makeup formulas and also feel really quite uncomfortable! Therefore, Charlotte’s new Magic Powder is a product that I do have high hopes for, however, it is one that I will really be paying attention too throughout wear.

In my opinion, I would have to say that Charlotte’s Magic Powder is a nice product for a naturally dry skin type just like mine. Like always, I have to ensure that my skincare routine is at the top of its game – however, this loose powder does sit nicely on the complexion when just lightly dusted over the face.

It is an ultra finely-milled powder that as quite rightly described does have a very soft, smooth and silky texture. I don’t personally like to bake with this powder, as I find that it can sit just a little too heavy on my under eyes if I am not careful. Although, I do really like the appearance and feel of this powder when I have just lightly dusted it over the face with a large, fluffy powder brush.

The overall finish of this loose powder is not one that I would describe as matte – even on my dry skin type!! Although it isn’t one that I would call radiant or luminous either. This powder blurs the appearance of imperfections BUT it does NOT add coverage. It just adds a really nice veil of silky-smooth loveliness to the skin in my opinion.

With regards to wearing this powder under the eyes – I would have to say that I do not personally like the feel or look of this loose powder when used in conjunction with the new Magic Away Liquid Concealer that is also by Charlotte Tilbury. For me, this concealer is so richly formulated and creamy that this micro-fine powder just seems to cling and enhance all the texture and all of those drier areas. Otherwise, I would have to tell you that I like this powder. It isn’t better than the Hourglass Veil Translucent Loose Powder in my opinion – although, it is a nice one when just lightly dusted over the face!!!


Love Jess


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