*NEW* Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow – Aura (Review)

You may have seen this new Hourglass product already?!
From a gorgeous translucent loose setting powder to a brand new mascara, it is fair to say that Hourglass has been killing it lately!!

Since first coming across this new gorgeous release by Hourglass, I must say that choosing just one shade was difficult! Online, these shadows are swatched beautifully – I could easily buy them all.

The NEW Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow collection includes five shades:

Aura – (Pink)

• Smoke – (Taupe)

• Reflect – (Champagne)

• Foil – (Gold)

• Blaze – (Copper)

To apply a flawless veil of the Scattered Light’s creamy goodness to your lids, I would personally have to say that ‘finger is best’! With a dense flat shader brush; the appearance, pigmentation and finish of this shadow just does not compare to what it could look like when applied and patted onto the lid with your finger. Although, if you are someone who prefers a lighter, more subtle finish – then a brush would be the better application method in my opinion.

*Tip – If you have long or acrylic nails just like I do – gather some product on a brush and then place this on the back of your hand. Collecting the eyeshadow with the ball of your finger from the back of your hand works just as well as taking it directly from the pan or pot!

The Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadows are in my opinion great for everyday wear. If you apply and really blend one of these with the use of a blending brush or even a shader brush, for example, you will achieve a very light and subtle flush of colour. For an intense, pigmented veil of colour and texture, however, place and pat a bunch of this onto your lid with your finger – and you will be, literally, good to go!!

Overall, I could only say that I really like the smokey appearance that this shadow gives. The ultra shimmery finish allows this product to appear very sophisticated on the eyes but also bring any eye look together. The semi-pressed eyeshadow itself can be a little messy to use, however, from the style of look that I am able to achieve with this product, I am certainly not complaining. It is quick, it is effective, and actually a very easy product to use in my opinion.


Love Jess


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